Karaoke: A Night of Stars

by Jennifer Ray Our First Karaoke Night On Friday, October 13th, Roman Music Therapy Services invited the community and the agencies that we serve to our first ever Family Karaoke and Open Mic night. The karaoke event was the kick off to a new menu of services we plan to offer, under the name of […]

Karaoke and Open Mic Night

Karaoke and Open Mic Night! Do you frequent karaoke nights around town or have you ever dreamed of signing on stage but haven’t found the right venue? Well, Roman Music Therapy Services has your answer for a night of fun, community and music! Join us on October 13th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Onset School […]

Women in Recovery and Music Therapy

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and one of Roman Music Therapy Services lead therapists, Laetitia Brundage, has pulled up in front of the home where she will be seeing her next clients.  Inside, ten to twelve women ranging in ages from nineteen to forty-five wait in the living room for Laetitia’s arrival. With couches moved around […]

Music Therapy for Early Childhood

Music Therapy For Early Childhood Everyone can make music! It’s true! Whether singing along to your favorite song, tapping a beat on a bongo or experimenting on GarageBand©, everyone has the ability to create music. And you’re never too young to be involved with, or respond to, the benefits of music making. Watch any child, […]

Music Therapy, AMTA and Belonging

-by Annette Whitehead-Pleaux, MA, MT-BC AMTA as a community As with most allied health professions, music therapy has a professional organization, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).  The purpose of AMTA “is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world” […]

The Intersection Between Music and Medicine

NPR’s Robert Siegel, host of All Things Considered, recently spoke with the director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, and Renee Fleming, world renowned soprano and Artistic Advisor at Large at the Kennedy Center. Their conversation centered on the work they are doing jointly to advance the study of music and medicine. This weekend […]

Turn up the Heat with Summer Music Events!

Summer is  (almost) here! If you are a parent you might be wondering, as I find myself doing right now, which is a busier month, December or June?! Between end of school year events, field days, graduations, dance recitals, gymnastics meets, last day of school parties, etc it can feel as though there is a […]

Drumming to De-Stress

Beating the Drum with the Chamber! On May 17th, Roman Music Therapy Services had the opportunity to host members of the Wakefield-Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce for an evening of networking and…drumming! A free event for chamber members, the public was also invited for a nominal fee. We kicked off the afternoon at 5:30pm, giving attendees […]

I Have a Drum! Now What?

Why Music? A music therapist’s voice can be so important, especially when reaching out to populations that are not always able to respond and communicate by conventional means. Music has an impact on all areas of growth and development, making it a particularly valuable therapy in early intervention work. Bonding and attachment are just some of the areas […]

Music Therapy and Military Populations

The History of Music Therapy in Military Populations The history of using music therapy to help post-combat veterans dates back to the days after World War I, when community musicians performed in military hospitals for wounded servicemen. Doctors and nurses noticed that their patients responded positively to the music. During the last years of World […]

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month Autism Awareness month was launched by activists and individuals with autism, to counter the negative language and imagery associated with the disorder. Autism is considered a spectrum disorder, with the severity of symptoms varying by individual. For some on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum, these symptoms may […]

Hospice and Palliative Care: How Can Music Therapy Help?

What is hospice care? Hospice care is a model for quality, compassionate care for people with a life-limiting illness or injury. It involves a team-oriented approach and includes expert medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support. The patient’s family and loved ones also often receive additional support as they confront their own feelings […]

Music Therapy Group Services for Children and Young Adults

New group services that we are excited about! Many of our clients are school aged children and young adults, ages 3-22. For them, music therapy can increase self-confidence and foster development through exploratory activities, among other benefits. While many children and young adults receive services at school or during a supported program, our music therapists […]

Federation for Children with Special Needs Convention

A resource for children with special needs and their families The Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN), located in Boston with a satellite office in Western Massachusetts, is recognized state and nationwide as a leader in child advocacy, especially for those children with special needs. Committed to listening to and learning from families, FCSN […]

Here We Grow Again with Two New Team Members!

Helping new music therapists grow! At Roman Music Therapy Services, we have been particularly passionate about doing all we can to grow the talent pool of the next generation of music therapists. Last year, Alison Albino joined Roman Music Therapy Services as an intern, wowing all of us with her compassion, determination and talent! Watching […]

2016 Changes And A Special Welcome To Annette!

2016 – A Year of Change! Reflecting back, 2016 brought change and excitement for Roman Music Therapy Services! We reached the truly awe-inspiring and gratifying milestone of being in business for ten years. Our in-studio program offerings expanded with the addition of Sprouting Sibs and drop-off class, Sprouting Melodies 5. Additionally, our outside contracts grew! Growth was really the […]

Don’t Forget The Holiday Magic

Happy Holidays! Well, the Halloween candy is long gone, and so is our beautiful fall foliage! Thanksgiving seems simultaneously as though it was long ago and just yesterday. Suddenly it is the first day of winter! However you choose to celebrate, chances are your holiday is just within sight. During the frenzy of the holidays, we […]

The Gift of Music

The hustle and bustle of the season can leave you feeling drained and stretched thin As we find ourselves quickly approaching the holidays, take a moment to enjoy some down time with your family and loved ones. Life moves so fast … slow it down and take a respite with a favorite CD or playlist to enjoy each […]

Holiday Happenings

Home for the Holidays It’s that time of year again when everything gets a little added ‘sparkle’ and the sounds you hear are a little merrier. The Melrose Chamber of Commerce hosts its own ode to the holidays with its Home for the Holidays weekend celebration, happening this year from December 2nd through December 3rd. […]

Community, Camaraderie, Confidence and Competence

Are you a music therapy business owner looking to grow your music therapy business, or a music therapist who works independently? It’s common to feel isolated or unsure. We are excited to share two great learning opportunities for music therapists and music therapy business owners. Business coaching and clinical supervision programs for music therapists MTBO Mastermind, conducted […]

Fall Happenings & Sprouting Melodies Schedule

Fall 2 Session began this week! Schedule updates: Last week saw the end of our Sprouting Melodies Fall 1 Session. Fall 2 session kicks off this week so there are no breaks in the music! These will be our last classes in the Melrose center before we move to Wakefield on October 31st. We anticipate Sprouting Melodies […]

Drumming With Heart

As many of you know, we celebrated our 10th anniversary last Saturday at Melrose Memorial Hall. It truly was an event to honor not only the work we do in providing individual and group music therapy services, but also to express appreciation for the community connections we have made and partners we have gained along […]

My Own Voice Choir Group At Our 10/1/16 Anniversary Celebration

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration is only a few days away! Our lunch menu is ordered, our drums and maracas are packed up and our voices are ready! Be sure you’ve registered to reserve your spot.    We are so pleased to announce some special guests who will be joining us on Saturday to perform for […]

Music Therapy Ambassadors: Champions in the Community

Are you a champion? If you have experienced the power of music therapy, you are probably already a believer. Each day, growing numbers of people are learning how music therapy can facilitate connections and meaningful engagement for individuals with a wide variety of needs. Music therapists use music therapy to unlock closed doors, exposing potential, […]

A Musical Milestone!

A Musical Milestone: Celebrating 10 years of Music Making This summer marks the 10th year that Roman Music Therapy Services has been making music in the community — a milestone we are excited to share with all of you! Our Founder and Executive Director, Meredith Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC,  launched RMTS 10 years ago from her home office […]

Veterans and the Power of Music

by: Laetitia Brundage, MT-BC A Time to Reflect As we come closer to Memorial Day, I often think about those incredibly brave individuals who have lost their lives in order to help protect our freedom. They made the ultimate sacrifice to help us preserve the liberties we often take for granted. There are many men […]

Music Therapy in Special Education

See music therapy in the schools in action! We are often asked about how music therapy in the schools works. Under IDEA, music therapy can be included in special education through various types of delivery including programmatic services, individual or group direct services, and consultation. In this video blog, our Board Certified Music Therapist, Kristina […]

Magical Musical Moments: Seniors

By: Laura Micheli, MA, MT-BC  Music Touches People of All Ages In my work I am fortunate to encounter many “magical musical moments” with so many different people. I’d like to share one particular moment working with a group of seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This particular group meets weekly for music therapy on […]

Drum Circle+: Community Building in Action

Have you wondered what Drum Circle+ is all about? Drum Circle+ is a drum circle facilitated by a Board Certified Music Therapist from Roman Music Therapy Services. In one of our events, you will get all of the benefits of drumming including reducing stress, improving physical health and wellness, increasing brain functioning and building community. […]

Mother-Daughter Investment

An Investment in Quality Time As parents and caregivers, we are always looking for activities to do with our children that are fun and enriching! With all of the demands facing today’s families, it can be difficult to take time out of our busy schedules for fun, but it truly is an investment that will […]

Why We Love Repetition in Music

As music therapists,  we use music to help people with varying needs access their full potential and grow through the music. Some of the benefits of using music are that it is motivating and can help to stimulate and focus a person’s attention. This is in part due to the repetitious nature of music. In this video, […]

The Virtues of Music Therapy and Finding Funding

Horace Mann Educational Associates, HMEA, in Franklin, MA supports children and adults with developmental disabilities to over 110 communities within Massachusetts, providing innovative services in school, at home, at work and in the community. Music therapy programs were included among the programs HMEA provided, and the programs had a great reception from the community. Unfortunately, when […]

Holiday Music Making

Tis the season to be musical! At this year’s Home for the Holidays the music therapists from Roman Music Therapy Services joined the Melrose community in leading music before lighting the tree. This year BOARD CERTIFIED MUSIC THERAPIST Laura Micheli asked her Sprouting Melodies 4 class what songs they would like to sing at the […]

Sprouting Melodies Family Spotlight

Balancing Family with Work is a Challenge for Many Families Sprouting Melodies is thrilled to feature one of our very own moms Christy Dole who has been growing an at-home business while raising her beautiful daughter. Read her story… “I have been enjoying the time I get to spend with Sienna at Sprouting Melodies. I’m […]

Early Childhood Mental Health: A Growing Concern

Early childhood mental health is a growing concern. Often misunderstood, Early childhood mental health is also overlooked or underestimated. Research shows that exposure to ongoing toxic stress in early childhood can have significant impacts on development early in life, and may lead to long term consequences in education, health and financial prosperity.

Providing the Beat at the Provider’s Council Expo

Cultivating connections As our organization has grown over the last 9 years, we have met wonderful people and had the opportunity to work with fabulous organizations along the way. This past year, through the LEND Fellowship, our professional network continued to grow. Through the process, we were introduced to The Provider’s Council. With member organizations […]

Music Therapy and the Armed Forces

Music Therapy’s formal development as a profession is indeed linked with World War I and II efforts to heal and spur on the troops with music. Though not the only catalyst for formalizing the training and methodologies for administering music as a healing modality, the connection is important. The white paper “Music Therapy and Military […]

Music, Memories, and Story

This week in honor of the Memorial Day holiday, Music Therapist Katie Bagley asked her elder group on a memory care unit if any of them had served in the armed forces. Many raised their hands. A few had family members who had served. But, all of these individuals ranging in age 70-90 had experienced […]

Guitar Origins

In honor of “International Guitar Month”, consider the evolution of the acoustic guitar. You know it’s an important part of the work we do. Our music therapists are trained to play it. It is their main instrument in some cases. You know how it helps the Sprouting Melodies Classes come alive. It works really well […]

Boston Parents Paper | Vote for YOUR Family Favorite

Many of you know about the Boston Parent’s Paper, a collection of articles, family event information, camp and school guides, family favorite contests, and more. The Family Favorites contest, an annual event, is here again. Our Magazines | Boston Parents Paper If you have experienced Sprouting Melodies (Melrose) and wish to offer us the VOTE […]

Playing an Instrument Sets off Fireworks in the Brain

You may have heard playing music lights up the whole brain. Find out why and how playing a musical instrument can help you you solve problems  in academic and social settings more effectively and creatively! This video will also show you you why musicians may have an edge on memory and thinking processes. Enjoy! Thank […]

Winter Session II Open for Registration With NEW Enrollment System

Hello new and current Sprouting Melodies Families! We are pleased to announce that our Winter Session II Sprouting Melodies classes are open for enrollment. This session begins February 16 and ends March 28. Our EARLY BIRD Special offers you $15 off the normal price. We also offer a new class enrollment/registration system to not only […]