Individual Music Therapy

Roman Music Therapy Services offers individual music therapy to populations across the lifespan. From birth to end of life, music therapy is a powerful and non-threatening medium in which unique outcomes are possible. The addition of music therapy can offer creative solutions, support existing therapies, and provide therapeutic benefits. Our team of Board Certified Music Therapists use music to unlock doors, create new solutions and build bridges.

Services can be provided in the home, a residential facility, hospital or school setting, as well as in our private music therapy center, conveniently located at 333 North Avenue in Wakefield, MA. We provide all of the instruments and materials needed for each session, whether they occur in our center or out in the community.

An initial assessment will be completed by your music therapist. This includes addressing previous experiences with music and music therapy, current skill levels and needs, and goals. Goals may be related to communication, expression, socialization or understanding. Parents and caregivers will be consulted with initially to better understand individual client needs and space is provided for any caregivers or parents who wish to observe a session.

For more information about our services as related to age specific needs and outcomes, read more:

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