Presentations & Public Speaking

Are you interested in a  workshop or for a support group? A presentation for a parent organization or advisory council? Perhaps a full day staff development event, in-service or another educational opportunity?

Our team of Board Certified Music Therapists create engaging, interactive programs to meet the goals of your organization. Our presentations not only qualify for staff development credits (CE’s), but also offer a platform to re-energize your staff and provide a new set of tools and skills they can apply to their work. For families, our presentations provide active and engaging music experiences along with valuable content that can translate to any environment.

Based on the needs and interests of the client, we offer a diverse mix of workshops, in-services and presentations.

Several RMTS music therapists present about music and wellness to a group of caregiver providers.
Music therapists kneel on the ground in front of a variety of hand drums, rhythm instruments, tubanos, and djembes.

Past presentations and in-services

Presentations (including the following topics) have been provided to various audiences, including healthcare organizations, parent groups and community organizations, educators,  wellness groups and through company benefit programs.

  • An Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Early Intervention – Professionals & Parents
  • Music Time: How to Engage Your Child in Musical Play at Home
  • Music Therapy as a Key to Learning
  • Tuneful Transitions: Using Music to Facilitate Successful Transitions
  • Music Therapy as a Related Service on an IEP
  • Developing Early Literacy Skills through Music
  • Group Music Therapy for Teens in Foster Care
  • Staff Beats: Team Building in the Workplace
  • Head Start & Special Education Teachers & Staff
  • University Presentations – Music Therapy As A Career
  • Music Therapy Wellness Programs for Nurses & Caregivers
  • Drumming To Build Community
  • In-Service Staff Development (based on your needs)

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Keynote Addresses/Sessions

Roman Music Therapy Services founder Meredith Roman Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC, is a thought leader and a passionate champion for the music therapy profession. A serial entrepreneur, Meredith has devoted her career to developing business models for music therapy service delivery, advocating for music therapy on the systems level and helping students and professional music therapists to develop both clinical work and professional skills required to be a music therapy business owner.

A highly sought speaker both regionally and nationally, Meredith Pizzi has served as a keynote speaker to a wide range of professional and consumer audiences on a variety of clinical and professional topics relating to music therapy.  Learn more about Meredith Pizzi.

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