Music Therapy Pyramid Framework

Developed by our Founder and Executive Director, Meredith Pizzi, The Music Therapy Pyramid Framework (Pizzi, 2016) serves as the basis for the music therapy services designed and executed by our team.

The Music Therapy Pyramid Framework validates music therapy services across the continuum of needs, acknowledging and recognizing the benefits of each level of intervention.

Triangle image of hierarchical models of music therapy service delivery

The music therapist provides a central and independent role in client treatment plans.

  • Lead clinician on a music therapy team seeing most acute clients
  • Psychoanalytic or guided imagery in music clinical work

The music therapist takes a supportive role in treating clients, collaborating within an interdisciplinary team to contribute to the client’s overall treatment plan.

  • Medically necessary in medical setting
  • Related service in education setting
  • Hospice, palliative care, etc.

Group music therapy services that are designed to mitigate risk for potential secondary diagnosis and develop a protective layer in building resiliency and social capital.

  • Programmatic supports for groups and individuals with disabilities or other assessed clinical need in educational, day, residential, or community programs

Intentional music making in a group setting that is designed to promote skills, enhance quality of life and/or support overall development.

  • Sprouting Melodies® early childhood program
  • Intergenerational community music therapy groups
  • Performance ensembles for individuals with disabilities

Short-term services based on in-the-moment, intentional participation through active listening, singing or playing.

  • Library programs
  • Infrequent music experiences for older adults
  • Large group music experiences

Setting the Course for Flexible Service Delivery Models

Roman Music Therapy Services continues to set the course in the new frontier of community music therapy by recognizing the potential for music therapy as more than a clinically necessary treatment option. Our innovative community programs over the years have supported and reinforced the need for this model of service delivery within our communities.

In our ongoing efforts to respond to the needs in the communities we serve, we embrace this philosophy to differentiate our services.

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