Music Therapy for Young Adults

Stimulating Programming for Youth in Transition

Between the ages of 14 to 22, youth and young adults are actively working towards the transition from school based services to the world of services and opportunities for adults. Music can serve as a consistent activity during these years of change, meeting the needs of young adults and their families as they navigate this period. Goals for music therapy at this stage of life can support developing skills for an autonomous adult life and prepare youth socially and emotionally for the changes that are to come.

In both individual and group music therapy for young adults, music taps into one’s potential and strengths, and allows a safe space to address one’s needs. Through person-centered goals and experiences, a musical journey unfolds to support each person’s unique needs.

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Music is a natural way for teenagers to express themselves and navigate adolescence. Through music therapy experiences, teens and young adults can

  • Increase social engagement
  • Develop essential self-advocacy and leadership skills
  • Navigate group collaboration
  • Practice decision making skills

Young Adult Service Offerings

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