Project Harmony

Meaningful, enriching community experiences

Project Harmony is a series of inclusive community-based experiential music programs. Celebrating potential and highlighting similarities rather than focusing on differences, the Project Harmony umbrella encompasses a variety of one-time events as well as ongoing series.

Participants gain the following benefits:

  • Meaningful social experiences
  • Opportunities to develop authentic friendships
  • Creative self-expression
  • Interactive learning and growth
  • Sense of belonging with others
  • Enhanced physical health and well-being

Project Harmony programs are open to people of all ages and abilities. These wholesome events are  appropriate for families, individuals and anyone seeking uplifting experiences as respite from health challenges, stress or chronic pain. Adults with developmental disabilities, transition age youth and aging adults with cognitive challenges will benefit from the support offered through Project Harmony programs. Companies or individuals seeking community service volunteer opportunities are welcome to participate.



Music App Series
Headphones Project Harmony

Increase your skills with music technology to have fun and participate with others

Enhance client social engagement using technology as a vehicle for immersive social interactions

Project Harmony Chorus
Project Harmony

Sing and perform with an inclusive community while developing friendships and relationships with others

Encourage growth by providing opportunities for successful participation as a member of a team

Drum Circle +

Participate with others in an exciting shared experience that reduces anxiety and releases stress

Facilitate creative self-expression and encourage relationship building with dynamic group activities

Karaoke-Open Mic
microphone Project Harmony

Take center stage or be part of the audience singing a variety of songs, performing and dancing to the beat

Foster creative self-expression and enjoy rewarding group experiences with meaningful music-making

One-time and ongoing supportive experiences in the community

Project Harmony events and programs provide opportunities for participants to engage with others, form relationships and develop authentic friendships. Varied experiences in a nurturing environment offer individuals opportunities to grow as well as focus on their innate strengths. One-time events like Open Mic nights may appeal to first-timers; those seeking greater ongoing involvement might consider a series like Project Harmony Chorus. 

Forward-thinking organizations build bridges and create community

Organizations, community agencies and educational institutions can expand the world for their clients with innovative and inclusive programming like Project Harmony initiatives. Providing opportunities for new experiences within a supportive context helps participants thrive through meaningful engagement with others.  Consider hosting or sponsoring an event or series, or partner with us to build a customized series.

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