Music enhances quality of life and facilitates rehabilitation in seniors

Music is the glue that holds us together and connects us to others. Older adults are able to use music as a way to engage with others, to express themselves and to be active. The socialization provided through music therapy inspires older adults to participate and interact with others, bringing joy, comfort, and purpose to their day.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia have been benefiting from music therapy services for a long time. Not only does music encourage movement and socialization, but it can also help create clarity, enable verbal and nonverbal communication, and improve memory recall.

Both healthy seniors and those in rehabilitative care can benefit from music therapy. Music making includes restorative benefits to reduce the isolation of hospitalization or rehab stays, reinforcing the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the patient.

Seniors benefit from group music therapy or individual music therapy sessions which can take place in the home, community senior center, or at an eldercare living community. In senior day programs or within residential settings, the shared experience brings communities together.

Our music therapists are skilled at including everyone in the sessions, adapting music experiences and helping all group members participate to their greatest potential, and come to you armed with music-making supplies including drums, tambourines, maracas and a guitar!

The socialization offered by music therapy can create meaningful connections, enhancing quality of life and facilitating rehabilitation in older adults. Contact us to discuss creating a music therapy program that meets the needs of your facility.


  • Improving Communication and Expression – Group members in our music therapy sessions are excited to communicate and connect with others.
  • Decreasing Isolation – Music brings communities together and can decrease feelings of isolation for group members.
  • Individualized Attention – Our Music Therapists are skilled at including everyone in the session and helping all group members participate to their greatest potential.
  • Independent Participation – Seniors are innately motivated to participate in music groups. You’d be amazed at what music can motivate us to do.
  • Everyone Plays, Everyone Wins! – Music is something that everyone can participate in and our music therapists are great at adapting music experiences so that everyone is successful!

Support and comfort to manage chronic pain and hospice situations

When individuals are approaching end of life, music therapy may be used to help meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs, including to help process grief. It addresses feelings of depression, fear, isolation, disorientation, confusion, anxiety, loss of control and loneliness.

In both recuperative and palliative care situations, music therapy can help to relive pain and reduce stress and anxiety for the patient, resulting in positive physiological changes. for patients experiencing acute or chronic pain related to a variety of diagnosis, music therapy can serve as an effective treatment, helping to decrease perception of pain and offering positive coping strategies.

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Birthday Celebrations:
Celebrate their life, sing favorite songs.
Create a joyful birthday for your loved one. Contact us to book a music-making celebration or a monthly birthday party for senior care facility.
“I love that everyone can participate in music! Even folks who don’t benefit from our other programs, they are able to benefit from music.” – S.B., Director

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