Music Therapy Internship

Roman Music Therapy Services is an American Music Therapy Association National Roster Internship Site. Internships require an eight-month, full-time commitment that will expose you to the various populations that we serve. You must be currently enrolled in a Music Therapy program with an accredited college or university and eligible to apply for an internship.

At Roman Music Therapy Services, we believe that learning never stops and the hunger to be at the forefront of our field is a career long pursuit. Being an integral part of educating the newest members of our field is at the core of our values. At Roman Music Therapy Services, you will have the unique experience of working alongside a team of music therapists and administrative staff members! We are a community-based organization and serve people all over eastern Massachusetts. Some of the populations that make up our client base include, but are not limited to:

  • Babies and toddlers in community programs and early intervention
  • Children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Children and adults with mental health needs
  • Older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s and other age related needs
  • Individuals with substance use disorder
  • Veterans and their family members
  • Hospice patients and their family members
  • Community members

This exposure will afford you the unique opportunity to learn and grow serving people ranging from birth-through-end of life in a variety of settings. In addition to fulfilling the requirements dictated by the National Roster Internship Guidelines from the American Music Therapy Association, you can expect the following benefits:

What You Can Expect:

The process for the selection of interns includes:

  • Submitting an application by cutoff date
  • Initial Screening with Internship Director
  • One Day of Observations
  • Small Team Interview
  • Executive Team Interview
  • Final Interview with Internship Director

How Do You Know If You Are the Right Fit?

Entry level requirements/competencies:

  • Basic proficiency using guitar, piano, percussion and voice in a clinical setting. Proficiency defined by being able to recognize and play in several major/minor keys, transpose songs into different keys, sight-read using a chord/lead sheet, sight-read a melody using voice/piano, vary strumming/playing styles to correspond with various moods/genres
  • Practicum experience with at least 3 different clinical populations
  • Practicum experience in both group and individual settings
  • Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written formats.
  • Professional, self-motivating and excellent organizational skills
  • Basic competency in client documentation including assessment, treatment planning, implementation, evaluation and termination
  • Ability to accept and incorporate constructive criticism and feedback from several supervisors in order to adapt/improve skills as a clinician and musician when necessary.
  • Must have reliable transportation, valid license and proof of insurance
  • Must be willing to travel to various sites throughout Eastern Massachusetts
  • Must own or have access to a computer/laptop

To be considered for an internship, you must submit an application for consideration, which requires two essays and two letters of recommendation.

Completed applications may be submitted, in pdf format, to:

Download the application here!

To learn more, please see our Internship FAQs.