Special Needs

Positive interactions for adults with special needs

We all seek meaningful relationships and opportunities for growth and progress in our lives. Adults with developmental disabilities or mental health concerns also benefit from the opportunity to express themselves and be heard and understood.

Drum CircleThrough guided music making, adults with special needs can explore musically in a safe and therapeutic environment. In both individual music therapy and group music therapy for adults, the music therapist guides the client in an exploration of potential, strengths and needs. Activities including improvisation, songwriting and lyric analysis offer individuals the opportunity to gain self-confidence and engage in satisfying interactions with others.

Creative solutions for community programs

Agency-based therapeutic, vocational and recreational programs seeking to expand offerings can offer music therapy programming for adults with special needs. These uplifting programs help participants to achieve increased clarity and provide an opportunity for positive social interaction.

Project Harmony is a menu of services designed to help adults with special needs experience the joy of making music in the community. Through weekly programming open to all, as well as scheduled special events like karaoke nights and drum circles, we use music as a bridge and build connections.


Managing chronic pain, hospice and bereavement

Music therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment option for patients experiencing both acute and chronic pain related to a variety of diagnoses. In both recuperative and palliative care situations, music therapy can help to relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety for the patient, resulting in physiological changes.

Both for individuals approaching end of life, and their family members, music therapy can provide support to address feelings of grief and loss. Goals for patients in hospice are designed to be supportive and therapeutic to help meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Enhancing healing and rehabilitation

Extraordinary healthcare organizations advocate for patient needs with exceptional services. Our music therapy programs help hospitals and hospice providers to promote recovery and enhance wellness while simultaneously enhancing the reputation of the hosting healthcare facilities. A ripple effect is created as the value of music therapy is experienced by patients, family members and other caregivers in care environments and rehabilitation settings.

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

This innovative approach to relaxation and pain management through labor and delivery is based on the premise of using music as a focal point and breathing cue. We offer workshops and consultations with individuals or couples. In the words of a new mother, “Music was the third person in the room… I don’t think I could have achieved the natural childbirth I desired without the music.” Read the rest of this new mother’s words or contact us to explore use of music therapy assisted childbirth.