Sprouting Melodies Training

Sprouting Melodies logo which features illustrations of maracas, an acoustic guitar, triangle, and drum in green, blue, purple, and orange.
Logo for Raising Harmony with young girl playing a multicolored xylophone

Way back in 2009, Sprouting Melodies® began in our first music therapy center. After consecutive years of growth and accolades, it was clear that this program struck a chord with families with young children.

As the staff at Roman Music Therapy Services trained in the model to successfully run classes with young children and their caregivers, Meredith Pizzi, the Founder of Roman Music Therapy Services and Creator of Sprouting Melodies®, began brainstorming with her mentor, music therapy colleague and friend, Elizabeth Schwartz over dinner at an American Music Therapy Association Conference. In 2012, Meredith and Elizabeth decided to join forces in creating Raising Harmony to bring this model of music therapy-based early childhood programming to more families around the world!

Since 2012, our sister company, Raising Harmony, has been training music therapists around the country and around the world in the Sprouting Melodies® model. In addition to the Sprouting Melodies® Training, additional courses in music therapy and early childhood are also offered.

Additional Raising Harmony Online Courses