Music Therapy for School Age Children

Providing a Valuable Intervention for Children with a Variety of Abilities

Leaders in education recognize the value of music therapy as part of public or private school-based programs for school age children. Our Board Certified Music Therapists use music in creative ways to overcome challenges with communication, understanding, or socialization in school age children.

The Benefits of Music Therapy

A wide range of individuals between the ages of 3 and 22 in the special education system can benefit from music therapy services.

  • Improve recall and comprehension
  • Support communication and expression, using music to bypass obstacles present with verbal language.
  • Develop self-regulation and support executive functioning skills for students with emotional and behavioral needs.
  • Strengthen social skills development, self-advocacy and pre-vocational Skills

School-Age Services Offerings

Supporting Child Grief and Trauma

When a child experiences illness in the family, loss or trauma, music therapy can provide an outlet to help channel their emotions and experience. Music therapy can provide therapeutic supports to school-age children, helping them to process grief or personal traumas by encouraging the ability to express feelings, offering positive coping strategies and music tools for self-regulation.

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In-Services and Presentations

Would your parent organization or support group like to learn about the potential of music therapy for school age children? Are you seeking an engaging, interactive development activity for your teachers or staff? Our presentations can offer staff development credit while reenergizing your staff and providing new skills and tools they can put to work right away.

Here are a few examples of previous presentations and in-services:

  • What is Music Therapy?
  • Music Time: How to Engage Your Child in Musical Play at Home
  • Music Therapy as a Key to Learning
  • Tuneful Transitions: Using Music to Facilitate Successful Transitions
  • Music Therapy as a Related Service on an IEP
  • Developing Early Literacy Skills through Music

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