School Age

Leaders in education recognize the value of music therapy as part of public or private school-based programs for school age children. Music therapy is a valuable intervention and treatment in school, home and community settings. Our Board Certified Music Therapists use music in creative ways to overcome challenges with communication, understanding, or socialization in school age children.

Music Therapy for School Districts – Music can serve as a bridge enabling children who may not otherwise successfully progress in school — creating new connections, providing successful interactions, and offering meaningful opportunities for growth. Much like speech or language therapy, music therapy can be included as a related service within an IEP for school age children.

Individual Music Therapy – For some children, a one-on-one approach is most effective. We offer individual music therapy at your location or in our Wakefield center. This intimate and private setting has been created with the therapeutic process in mind, offering a non-threatening, cheerful environment to facilitate expression. Learn More

2 guys jammin- after school groupAfterschool Music Therapy Groups – Music can improve skills, support social development and build bonds within peer groups. We offer a variety of music-making group interactions for school age children at our center and through community partnerships.

Music Therapy Club (for ages 3-7) is a unique musical place where all children can be free to create and join in music making that is specifically tailored to assure engagement, joy and success for all. The focus of this group centers on providing a supportive, facilitated atmosphere for children who need music experiences that take full advantage of individual strengths while minimizing the impact of difficulties.

Our Pre-teen Music Therapy Group (for ages 9-13) offers a supportive environment where pre-teens with special needs can improve social skills, build bonds and engage in peer to peer interactions. These groups also provide opportunities for leadership and creative expression, all with the help of music.

Specially designed for teens and young adults (age 14-22) with special needs, our Teen Music Therapy Groups use structured music making, improvisation, songwriting or lyric analysis while providing a safe space for exploring potential and developing satisfying relationships with others.

Please register for these groups online or by calling our office.

See our Events Calendar for upcoming sessions. Don’t see just what you need? We can create a customized program for your group

Helping children cope with Hospice and Bereavement When a family member is gravely ill, children in particular need assistance to help channel their overwhelming emotions. Music therapy can provide therapeutic supports to school-age children, helping them to process anticipatory grief, encouraging the ability to express feelings and offering positive coping strategies to manage pain and anguish.

Birthday Parties – Hosting a fun and appropriate birthday party for a child with special needs can be very difficult. We offer music-making parties that are inclusive, participatory events, ensuring a memorable event for both the birthday child and guests. Voted a top five “Best Birthday Parties” by Boston Parents’ Paper. Let’s celebrate.

Inservices – Would your parent organization or support group like to learn about the potential of music therapy for school age children? Are you seeking an engaging, interactive development activity for your teachers or staff? Our presentations can offer staff development credit while reenergizing your staff and providing new skills and tools they can put to work right away. Please contact us for more information.