Group Music Therapy for Organizations

Roman Music Therapy Services offers individual and group music therapy services directly to clients and in partnership with community organizations, health and human services agencies, hospitals, schools and companies.

Partnering to serve your clients

partnering to support your clients and teamsWith our ability to scale to support the changing needs of agencies, our partners in the community are able to provide sustainable continuity of care without the burden of direct hiring or management. We design goal-driven, therapeutic and enriching programs designed for the specific audiences of our partners, who in turn provide meaningful, relevant and impactful services to their clients.

A wide variety of age and ability-specific group music therapy programs are available for your clients with special needs. We also partner with providers to offer music therapy groups for older adults including those with memory impairments. For healthcare and human service agencies in the health sector, groups are available to support those in bereavement, experiencing chronic pain or coping with behavioral or medical health challenges.

Leaders in education recognize the value of music therapy groups as part of public or private school-based programs during or after school. From early intervention services to specialized music therapy groups designed for children with special needs, music therapy allows participants to practice group social skills, improving communication and expression.

In all of Life's Stages, Music Transforms Lives

Partner-supported group music therapy programs may be offered at our Wakefield center or within the community at various locations. Past music therapy groups have been offered at agency locations, hospitals, group homes, assisted living communities, pre-schools, educational centers or schools, senior centers and other community locations.

Please contact us to get started with a group music therapy partner program.

Partnering to support your team

Supporting your teams is imperative to enable them to effectively serve their clients while maintaining their own personal health and wellbeing. This is why we created Staff Beats®.

Staff Beats Logo which features an eighth music note that incorporates an @ sign and a leaf.

Healthcare and human services agencies face the reality of compassion fatigue on a daily basis. Combatting caregiver and provider burnout effectively requires inventive experiences to impart knowledge and strategies for implementing self-care and wellness. Music therapy groups create a supportive and participatory climate to  build community, reduce stress and restore caregiver compassion where music is used as an active meditation, without a necessary musical end goal.

Teaching has become a very high stress occupation.  To increase morale and connectedness within your staff, teachers, education support staff, administrators and school counselors need support and coping strategies. Sustainable stress management for educators requires the commitment of school administration to prioritize teacher well-being and create a healthier climate for staff and students. Music therapy groups for teachers focus on mindfulness, self-care and stress management.

For companies, we also offer goal-driven and enriching wellness programs which use music as a platform to facilitate positive change. Our Release, Retain and Rejuvenate programs focus on team building, self-care, burnout prevention and communication to build community.

Explore Staff Beats® or contact us to discuss how group music therapy can support your organization.