Music Therapist Support

Active music experiences to support meaningful relationships, improve quality of life, and support personal growthLearn more

Employee Wellness

Creative programming to increase employee engagement, improve company culture and inspire business growthLearn more

Project Harmony

Inclusive community programs designed for adults, focused on the joy of making music and meeting new friendsLearn more

Sprouting Melodies

Age-specific music classes and events that help caregivers, infants and toddlers navigate the early childhood years
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In All of Life’s Stages, Music Transforms Lives

Designing Creative Solutions for You

Project Harmony

Services that celebrate one’s abilities and allow us to see beyond limitations, fostering expression and understanding
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Group Music Therapy

Inclusive opportunities that invite people to be music makers, to belong, to contribute, and to connect with othersLearn more

Music Therapist Support

Coaching, supervision and support to get you to the next level in your practice or matter where you are in your careerLearn more

Public Speaking

Presentations, training and workshops by Board Certified Music Therapists, tailored to fit the needs of your business or eventLearn more