Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy utilizes music as a platform for communication, facilitating successful social interaction and personal growth. Music therapy groups for schools, community agencies, hospitals and organizations utilize a wide spectrum of therapeutic experiences based on the objectives and needs of the group.

Groups for individuals with special needs are developmentally and age-appropriate, and include programs for verbal and non-verbal participants as well as individuals with physical, psychological or intellectual disabilities. We also partner with providers to offer music therapy groups for older adults, including those with memory impairments. For healthcare and human service agencies in the health sector, groups are available to support those in bereavement, experiencing chronic pain or coping with behavioral health or medical challenges.

Corporate and agency-sponsored group therapy programs may aim to reduce stress, build community, promote self-care or reduce burnout.

Roman Music Therapy Services provides services to our clients via two paths: working directly with individuals and their families  and partnering with hospitals, organizations, community agencies and businesses.

Music Therapy Groups for Individuals

Communication is essential to building positive family dynamics, and our music therapy groups help participants to improve communication skills and build relationships with others. We offer a wide variety of specialized music therapy groups for all ages and needs, focused on facilitating communication, developing skills and creating meaningful interactions. These groups take place in our Wakefield center and at various venues within the community through our community partners.

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Group Music Therapy for Agencies, Organizations & Schools

Roman Music Therapy Services partners with educators, hospitals, health and human services agencies and organizations  to provide goal-driven and enriching music therapy programs. With our ability to scale to support the changing needs of agencies, our partners in the community are able to provide sustainable continuity of care without the burden of direct hiring or management. We design goal-driven, therapeutic and enriching programs designed for the specific audiences of our partners, who in turn provide meaningful, relevant and impactful services to their clients and patients.

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Music Therapy in Company Wellness Programs

Investing in employee health and wellness supports employees, improves company culture and distinguishes companies for their commitment to the health and well-being of their employees. Our Staff Beats® program is focused on stress reduction, team building, communication and promotion of ongoing wellness. Programs are personalized by sector and may include:

  • One-time active musical experiences to release stress or build community
  • Weekly or bi-weekly thematic self-care skill programs for employee retention
  • Ongoing monthly wellness programming for stress management, team building and burnout prevention

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