Sprouting Melodies logo which features illustrations of maracas, an acoustic guitar, triangle, and drum in green, blue, purple, and orange.

Sprouting Melodies® is an age-specific program of music classes for infants, toddlers, siblings and preschoolers. Through song, instrument play and movement, these classes stimulate and enhance musical, social, physical, and emotional growth and development. They also provide a learning-rich and supportive community for busy, multitasking families and caregivers eager to help their children flourish.

Roman Music Therapy Services offers classes facilitated by our own Board Certified Music Therapists trained in the Sprouting Melodies® program. The weekly 45-minute classes are age-specific and occur multiple times a week.

Favor, Sprouting Melodies provider, making music with toddlers and their families.

Benefits of our Sprouting Melodies Classes:

  • Nurture your child’s potential through developmentally focused music experiences.
  • Build a foundation for language and communication skills. Learn how to communicate with your child through shared music making.
  • Invest in your little one’s brain development. Don’t miss the critical period for growth and development.
  • Create emotional connection through music and activities designed to strengthen the development of trust and confidence.
  • Carry magical moments from Sprouting Melodies throughout your day.
Sprouting Melodies founder and provider, Meredith, shares a frame drum with several young children.
A man holds an orange plastic shaker in his mouth while playing with his child in a Sprouting Melodies class.

About Sprouting Melodies

Founded by a leading Board Certified Music Therapist Meredith Pizzi and early intervention developmental specialist Elizabeth Schwartz, the program is thoughtfully designed to address growth and enrichment opportunities for children with varying developmental abilities and needs.

Sprouting Melodies Gallery and Media
Sprouting Melodies Gallery and Media

All classes are taught by Board Certified Music Therapists who have been trained in the Sprouting Melodies program and have a passion for music and for helping children reach their potential. The classes are intentionally small to support child-centered experiences. Children receive age-appropriate attention and interaction needed to develop properly. Caregivers receive the support and information they need to care and parent optimally.

Sprouting Melodies provides a positive and supportive developmental experience for children of all abilities. For those children who are meeting all of their developmental milestones, they are able to jump into the music, to explore their world and their relationships with others and each week stretch and grow into their music. Children who are receiving Early Intervention services benefit from participation and are able to address their developmental skills in a fun and natural environment. Children with delays who do not qualify for Early Intervention services are able to get the support they need in a therapeutic, but playful environment.

Roman Music Therapy Services, LLC has been providing Sprouting Melodies classes since 2009. In that time, Sprouting Melodies and the programs at Roman Music Therapy Services have been recognized in various publications, receiving the Best of the Best Kids’ Classes for Sprouting Melodies®, Best Birthday Parties and Best Special Needs Services for Roman Music Therapy Services in the Boston Parents’ Paper Magazine and Best Kids Classes on the Boston A-List. Over 800 participating families have also added their praise and loyal following, frequently returning with second and third children!

We welcome enrollments any time throughout the session. All children between 0-5 years are welcome. Demo classes are available if you want to experience Sprouting Melodies for yourself!

For a complete overview of our Sprouting Melodies class policies, please visit here.