Music Therapy is a well-established, research-based profession in which music is used in support of therapeutic and educational goals. Music Therapy is used to improve cognitive, social, physical, psychological, or communication functioning. Review the resources below to address your particular need and to learn more about the American Music Therapy Association.

Public Speaking

Whether you are looking for a workshop for a support group or parent organization, or looking for a full day staff development workshop, our team of music therapists can come to you with an engaging, interactive workshop that will meet your specific needs. Read more

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Grants for Music Therapy

  • Kate’s Voice – Incredible parent driven and run foundation that funds music therapy groups for classes in Massachusetts
  • Music Drives Us – Massachusetts foundation connected with Ernie Bock’s Auto Dealership which funds music and music therapy programming

Early Childhood Resources

Early Intervention

In the state of Massachusetts, Early Intervention services are covered through insurance and state funds. There is no cost to families for an evaluation or home visits within this program. If you have any concerns about your child’s development in any area, they can do an evaluation at your home and give you a picture of your child’s development in all areas as compared with their chronological age. If you have concerns as parent or a grandparent, it is a good idea to follow up with a evaluation. There is no harm or cost, and services at this young age make a huge difference in the trajectory of development!

To find your local provider, go to this Early Intervention Programs Listing through Mass Family Ties and select your town. It will direct you to the provider for your area.

North Suburban Child & Family Resource Network

This group hosts lots of community programs, groups for grandparents raising grandchildren, and a Baby Café for nursing support. They also have a weekly email with information about parent workshops and family events. Learn More on their website or by calling 781-246-5187.

Zero to Three

This national organization’s website has lots of great information and printable resources for families. The science, policy and publications this organization supports are all very strong, reliable sources. They also have fantastic national conferences if you’re looking to be more involved in early childhood issues and policy related concerns.  For parenting specific information, visit the Zero to Three Parenting Page.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Right in our own backyard is an internationally recognized center that focuses on research and application to support early childhood development. The videos and in-brief publications on this site are incredibly informative and easy to digest, despite being heavy in research and science.  This page on Key Concepts is a good place to start exploring.