15th Anniversary Celebration:

*all participants included in this testimonial have granted permission to use their videos and submissions

From a Program Director seeking Staff Development:

After I heard Meredith Pizzi of Roman Music Therapy present her workshop on “The Music In Me” at the MEIC conference, I thought she would be the perfect presenter for my program’s annual staff retreat. I had long wanted to encourage staff (not just music therapists) to use more music in their work with the children and families.

When Meredith did her workshop for my staff of 40 therapists, teachers and teaching assistants, their response was exactly what I had hoped for. After some initial skepticism, they quickly warmed up due to Meredith’s skill and enthusiasm for her topic. She soon had them all singing along and marching about the room banging on drums and shaking their maracas.

The real proof of her success however, came during the week following the workshop. On Tuesday and Wed. a number of staff told me they had sung their way through home visits, and the parents really loved doing this with their children. Teachers in our toddler groups were looking for their handouts so they could remember the songs they had learned to use in the groups. The best though was on Friday noon, when from my office I could hear a group of staff at the lunch table singing together “Head, hands, knees and feet” – a song Meredith had taught us that on Monday. Spontaneous song at the lunch table was a first for us – and real proof that they had internalized Meredith’s message!

She is a terrific presenter who is able to combine theoretical knowledge with actual practice in singing and rhythm in a way that make our staff feel eager to go out and apply what they have learned.

-Candace, Director, Bay Cove Early Intervention

From a Keynote Participant:

This was an inspiring workshop, it spoke to how I often feel about myself and my work and my need to do more for myself and not feel the need to take care of everyone else first. Keynotes are often lists of research and don’t excite the listener. This was very meaningful.

– Attendee at the 2022 Massachusetts Early Intervention Conference

From a University Faculty Member:

I wanted to thank you so very much for a wonderful (and entirely unanticipated) work experience during the meetings you led in the last few days.  I wish I’d been able to attend them all!  You have had a significant impact, which will hopefully lead to lasting good for the students. In addition to all the wonderful linkages achieved between OU’s COFA and the business side of our university, I will personally never forget this amazing introduction to the passion and purpose of music therapy!

-Faith, Associate Director of Operations, TechGROWTH Ohio & Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University

From an Afterschool Program:

I also wanted to thank you for all you do…Our last session was amazing and all the kids loved it.

– Sarah, Program Director

From a Residential Service Provider:

I wanted to inform you that one of our residents passed away this afternoon.  I wanted to thank your staff, specifically Maureen, for making his last days memorable.  Maureen came to the home yesterday and played music for him in his room because he was unable to get out of bed.  This was a wonderful gesture on her part and was very thoughtful.   She has been a great resource in the home as well as others staff members previously, but I wanted to let you know that everyone appreciated what she did in helping him feel more comfortable and allowed him to enjoy her music during his last days with us. Thank you again.

– Marci, Residential Service Director

From a Community Member:

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in so many different events that your organization put on. Getting to see the work you do was really amazing and certainly gave me a new perspective regarding a provider’s ability to create/support a community. Your services are so meaningful to the people involved, so thank you for doing what you do.

– Jerome, LEND Fellow 2018-2019

From a Parent of a Project Harmony Chorus Member:

I just wanted to add a few thoughts to how much my son has benefited from your program.  For as long as I can remember, Anthony has been in love with music. His  entire demeanor and personality shines when he is surrounded by music and the people that produce it.  Here is a young man that has difficulty with speaking as he tends to stutter among people and has been pretty shy his whole life.  In the presence of your group and surrounded by the music, Anthony truly becomes another person. The confidence and joy he exhibits is hard to describe.

– Dan, Parent