Are you interested in Volunteering at Roman Music Therapy Services?

We warmly welcome volunteers at Roman Music Therapy Services! Volunteers provide ongoing program support and support at our local events. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Application by clicking the button below and someone at the office will contact you.

Ongoing Programs

Due to the nature of our work with clients, a volunteer for an ongoing program must commit to three months of volunteer support. We will work with you to match your interests to the needs of Roman Music Therapy Services’ ongoing programming. Please note that a volunteer will not have the opportunity to lead a session, but will be present to support the work of the Music Therapist and clients.

Music Therapy Events

Our Universal Music Therapy events welcome people of all ages and all abilities to be music makers! These events require a lot of extra hands to make sure everyone can participate successfully and there are opportunities for volunteers with a wide range of skills and abilities. . If you love to be around people, have a good time, and help make events shine, please consider volunteering to be a part of our events.

A person sitting with a drum in their lap and playing it with both hands.