Music Therapy Services

Music can be used to stimulate growth in so many ways.

  • For families, individual and group music therapy can promote exploration, discovery and interaction, strengthening relationships and bonds.
  • For communities, creative and community-centric music programs offer positive shared experiences that enhance the life of the community.
  • And for businesses and organizations, innovative programming based on music therapy principles improves corporate culture, enhances rehabilitation and  facilitates employee development.

Roman Music Therapy Services offers a variety of individual and group music therapy services to meet the needs of our clients and communities. From infants and toddlers to older adults, and every age and life phase in between, our programs use music to unlock closed doors, exposing potential, possibilities and opportunities.

Music Therapy for Young Children

Young Children

Before language skills are even developed, music can stimulate emotional, social, cognitive, and language development in babies and toddlers. We promote early childhood development and interaction through our Sprouting Melodies program, work with daycare centers and offer individual music therapy. Creative early intervention strategies including music therapy programming can be used to successfully reach young children with identified developmental delays or other unique needs.

Music Therapy for School Age Children

In school, at home or in our music therapy center, music therapy services can help improve skills of school age children and build bonds within families or peer groups. And for educators and community organizations, we can design services to fit your unique requirements  for providing enriching educational and therapeutic services for your district or community group.

Music Therapy for Young Adults

Young Adult Through music interventions, our music therapists help young adults and their families navigate the transition from school age to adulthood. With an emphasis on abilities and accomplishments, we use music as a bridge to provide support through this time of change. With a nod to their life stage, these programs for ages 14-22 are designed to support choices, independence and developing meaningful relationships with others.

Music Therapy for Adults

Music therapy encourages socialization and can be used to facilitate communication and team building. For adults with developmental disabilities or mental health concerns, we offer a wide variety of one-time experiences and ongoing programs providing opportunities for exploration, self-expression and growth.

Within the workplace, our music therapy programs focus on relaxing, restoring and rejuvenating your team to maximize satisfaction and productivity. Programs include team-building drum circle experiences, professional development presentations and more.

Music Therapy for Seniors

Older Adults

The socialization enabled through music therapy offers many benefits for older adults. Music therapy can create clarity and enable verbal and nonverbal communication in older adults with memory impairments or Alzheimer’s Disease. Our Board-Certified Music Therapists accompany clients, decreasing isolation and facilitating communication and expression.

Seniors in hospice or palliative care — and their families — can benefit from the support provided through music therapy to address physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Group music therapy, one-time experiential events and individual music therapy programs are offered within senior day programs, home and community residential settings and hospice care.

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