Music Therapy as a Career

Music therapy is a rewarding career that combines a love for music, helping people, and building community. Music therapists work to provide necessary support to a wide range of populations from birth through end of life.

Watch the Webinar

Check out our Music Therapy as a Career webinar, hosted by Kim Schlesinger, MT-BC, to learn more about what music therapy is, the populations that music therapists work with, and examples of what happens in a music therapy session.

Want to learn more?

High school students and musicians from various backgrounds are invited to see Music Therapy in practice and explore the clinical application of music interventions. Session observations are a great way to see how a typical group experience is conducted and the impact of Music Therapy with participants. This includes an opportunity to speak with a Music Therapist about pursuing Music Therapy as a career.

Career Days & Spotlights

Are you hosting a Career Day at your school? Would you like someone to speak to your musical group about having a career in music therapy?

Our music therapists love speaking about the work they do, and we welcome opportunities to speak at your Career Days, events, and spotlights around careers.

For more information, reach out to our team at to set up an opportunity that fits your needs!

A music therapist playing a melodic bell set.