Early Intervention

Music Therapy Parent-Child Groups are a great way for parents and their children to interact and learn new skills. Ask your Early Intervention Providers about such a program if you think your child would benefit.

Download our fact sheet: MT Referrals in Early Intervention

Why Music Therapy Parent Child Groups?

In the groups the parent learns constructive ways to play with their children using music as a tool for development. The parents will see the development from week to week as children begin to experiment more with the musical structure of the session. In addition, parents are able to support the child at home when they are practicing skills presented in the group such as animal sounds or gross motor movements like marching and jumping using the musical cues used in the group setting.

What happens in the Music Therapy Parent Child Groups?

The Music Therapy Groups provide a structured routine of music activities including instrument play, movement, and singing which address communicative, social, emotional and behavioral areas of development. Parents participate with their children throughout the session.

Who would benefit from the Music Therapy Parent Child Groups?

Children who would be appropriate for such a group would include children with speech/language delays, pervasive developmental disorder, communication disorder, syndromes and children with multiple disabilities.

Who can I contact to find out more?

Parents and Early Intervention Agencies can contact Meredith R. Pizzi, Board Certified Music Therapist, at 781-224-3300.