Roman Music Therapy Services Facilitates Drum Circle for C-4 Analytics, one of the National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For™

Drum Circles Are Becoming an Increasingly Popular Tool for Innovative Companies Saugus, Mass., Dec. 17, 2014 – C-4 Analytics has had plenty of reasons to be upbeat lately, thanks to its impressive growth and recognition for employee appeal. On Wednesday, December 17, the digital marketing agency continued to drum up success, enlisting the help of […]

Music Therapy and the Brain

Music therapists know first-hand that music applied in the therapeutic context is a great catalyst for learning. Enjoy an interactive tool that shows you how and why that learning happens. Brought to you by Neurothym Music Therapy, this interactive map of the brain provides a clue as to just how music therapy might stimulate various […]

In Service of Learning

Roman Music Therapy Services, LLC is all about using music to enable growth and development for families, communities and businesses. “We use music to transform lives, working through challenges in communication, processing or socialization. With music as a bridge, we uncover an individual’s promise. In music-making we create new connections, facilitate meaningful engagement, and provide […]

Supporting Healthy Sibling Development with Music

Meredith Pizzi offers hints on how to support sibling and family development with music in a podcast and article published by imagine.magazine. Imagine.magazine  is “an annual online magazine sharing evidence-based information and trends related to early childhood music therapy through various media.” supporting healthy sibling development with music Article excerpt …Starting at the very beginning, […]

Always be on the lookout for a chance to make music!

Have you had a chance to make music lately? Have you sung alone or with others? With the holiday season fast approaching, music will become more present to us. I admit that when the snow first fell last week, I had the urge to go out and sing carols walking up and down the street, […]

Ways of Thinking about Music Therapy

Music Therapy, like other forms of therapy, does not conform its practitioners to one model. Here at Roman Music Therapy Services, we use an integrated model. Clients to come to us with unique needs and we work together with them to create a success-oriented plan that helps them meet their personal goals drawing from multiple […]

Music Therapy and Mental Health

Music therapy has been recognized and supported in the mental health field for many years. In the early history of music therapy, musicians worked with veterans from World War 2 playing songs in hospitals or rehabs. These musicians and surrounding staff saw noticeable changes in the veterans mood and affect. The field has grown largely since […]

Use of Music in the Applied Behavior Analysis Verbal Behavior Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Article Review

We recently came across a research article about the use music with Applied Behavioral Analysis Verbal Behavior and we wanted to share it with all of you.  We have been working with schools and classrooms that use Applied Behavior Analysis as a primary teaching strategy for many years, and although our experience has demonstrated that […]

Resources for Recovery

Our team here at Roman Music Therapy Services sends out our heartfelt thoughts to all of those affected by the tragedies in Boston this week. We have seen an out pouring of support for those affected by the tragedies of Monday. We encourage those seeking any kind of assistance to reach out and take advantage […]

5 Reasons Music Therapy is Great With Autism

1. Music therapy is an individualized form of therapy that uses the strengths and abilities of a person to accomplish personal goals and meet personal needs. 2. Music therapy is flexible and able to work across multiple goal areas at once! Music therapy is able to address, communication, social, cognitive, emotional, motor/physical, and independent goals. Some parents have referred to music […]

Our New CD!

Gather Round: Music Time is Family Time Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to hear some of the songs on our new CD! If not, buy your copy now! Buy Now With Shipping: Buy Now-Pick Up In Melrose: This CD has been such fun to record, produce and share with you, our families. We are confident […]

4 Thought Provoking Ways to Use Music

Lately I have been having all of these cool thoughts about how music can be used more effectively in our everyday lives. I decided to compile all of it into a convenient blog posting for you! Enjoy! 1. Turn on the Music at home.  Sometimes we get so busy and caught up in the things […]

Meredith R. Pizzi featured in Boston Business Journal Article about Women-Owned Businesses

Obstacles linger that keep many women-owned businesses from hitting the $1M mark Boston Business Journal by Mary K. Pratt Date: Friday, December 9, 2011 Meredith Roman Pizzi, MT-BC, owner and founder of Roman Music Therapy Services, was featured in a Boston Business Journal article this past week. Pizzi was interviewed about what it takes to […]

New Sprouting Melodies Logo!

Check out our new and improved Sprouting Melodies logo! You will be seeing this more and more around town in future months. Roman Music Therapy Services is growing, and we thought it would be appropriate for our graphic designs to be updated as well.  Please feel free to email us with your comments and feedback […]

RMTS Executive Director named winner of Make Mine a Million $ Business National Event

Meredith Roman Pizzi, MT-BC, of Roman Music Therapy Services in Melrose received $1000 prize for winning business pitch in national competition. View this Press Release on Melrose Patch and in the Melrose Free Press. Melrose, Massachusetts October 6, 2011 – Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, the leading national not-for-profit provider of resources, business education, and community support […]

The Effects of Music on Brain Development

Musical composition can match developmental goals and brain activity. – Sprouting Melodies Text of this article also provided below….   From early beginnings in the womb until the late stages of adulthood, music plays an important role in human growth, development, and sustainment.  Music— to be defined here as organized sound— is an essential component […]

Look Where We Are!

Roman Music Therapy provides services to communities all over Massachusetts. Check out this map to view the cities and towns where we work. Where Our Music Therapists Work: schools homes centers hospitals hospices recreation programs libraries rehab dayhabs assisted living preschools early intervention senior centers

Do-It-Yourself Music Therapy

I recently came across this article written by Dr. Reuer about the benefits of using music for yourself. I really believe it’s wonderful to see the applications of music therapy in everyone’s everyday lives. Read full article here The Healing Power of Do-It-Yourself Music Therapy Barbara Reuer, Ph.D. When a favorite song comes on the […]

What Is Music Therapy?

Watch and read to see what these experts have to say. Mozart Effect: Does Listening To Classical Music Really Make Us Smarter? Oliver Sacks, MD, Author, Neurologist WATCH (Sacks’ discussion of music can be found between the 0:46 and 3:41 marks): Retrieved from: August 3, 2011 What Is Music Therapy? Ronna Kaplan, MA, President of […]

OCD Treatment with Music: Notes from “Case Studies in Music Therapy”

A Co-op’s Post: Taking a Closer Look at Music Therapy Written by Britney McNeilly, Northeastern Co-op Student at RMTS Recently I read an interesting study about a thirty-one year old man with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  This condition caused him feelings of doubt, unrest, and panic, and resulted in emotional and social issues that affected his […]

The Power of Music

From early beginnings in the womb until the late stages of adulthood, music plays an important role in human growth, development, and sustainment.  Music— to be defined here as organized sound— is an essential component of most cultures, coloring the world through melodies, harmonies, rhythm, and lyrics.  Humans use music as a form of emotional […]

Notes on My First Music Therapy Session

A Co-op’s Post: Taking a Closer Look at Music Therapy Written by Britney McNeilly, Northeastern Co-op Student at RMTS Today I had the pleasure of witnessing my first music therapy session.  Though I have read numerous books and studied cases in which music is used as a therapeutic tool, I have never actually been present […]

Family Caregivers Unite! Podcast

[Download the MP3] [itunes] Our Director, Meredith Pizzi was featured in a story with Laura Rutherford, the founder of Kate’s Voice. We are very excited to share the story with you here! This is from the Family Caregivers Unite! Website: Laura Rutherford and Meredith Pizzi are linked by music therapy. Laura is the mother of […]

Introducing Music Makers

Graduating from Sprouting Melodies is a proud moment for participants but when the party’s over, your 3 to 6 year old can get bored and lonely mighty fast without a follow-up program that is every bit as compelling as Sprouting Melodies while continuing to offer them new and exciting experiences. That’s why, after serious consideration, we’ve […]

Rhythms to Live By: A Music Group for Parents

Free Yourself from Stress, Move into Wellness You’ve always known that making music was good for your children, now come experience it for yourself! Our new Rhythms to Live By group will free you by incorporating improvisation inspirational mantras healing rhythms affirming quotes drumming, instruments, voice freedom of expression Come, restore, revive. Rediscover you. Melt into the […]

Repetition Reaps Rewards

Our Sprouting Melodies Program has really grown over the past year and has provided an enriching, playful, and supportive music class to more than 60 children. We have seen the children Grow in language development as they sing greeting songs, body awareness songs, and books set to music Develop motor skills as they learn to […]

Keep the Spirit Alive

How to Keep the Music Alive Throughout the Year So, I must admit I was sad today when I couldn’t find any Christmas music on the radio. Even though I’ve become quite a Christmas music snob with my Putumayo CD’s and a few new Pandora stations, when I was flicking stations in the car today, […]

One on One: A Music Therapy Duet

Is Individual Music Therapy right for you? By: Meredith Roman Pizzi, MT-BC Here’s a fireside chat with Meredith about individual music therapy sessions. 1.   What does individual music therapy look like? Meredith: In a typical individual music therapy session, the music therapist and client will engage in a variety of musical experiences including: singing playing […]

Announcing New Birthday Party Packages!

You’re Invited! When? Saturdays and Sundays Weekdays at Schools and Daycares also available! Where? Our place or yours! What happens at Roman Music Therapy Services? 1 hour of fun and interactive music making! Pizza and cake downstairs at Papa Gino’s Roman Music Therapy Services is announcing that we have teamed up with Papa Gino’s to […]

What Happens in a Music Therapy Session?

It’s time to feature another Frequently Asked Music Therapy Question. What does a music therapy session actually look like? What happens in a session and if my classroom is able to get the funding for music therapy, what would my students actually be doing? All great questions. I actually had a special education teacher ask […]

Prerequisites for Music Therapy?

By: Meredith Roman Pizzi, MT-BC This month, I have been asked a number of times by parents, “What does my child need to know or be able to do to participate in music therapy?”  Since the question has come up a few times, I thought it might be helpful to answer the question here. What […]

Music for Early Childhood

Music for young children, like music in general, is a unique experience that is unlike anything else. For young children with no language there is still music. For the young child with limited movement, there is still music. For a child who cannot see or touch objects in the environment, there is still music. Even […]

Roman Music Therapy on Ablevision

Roman Music Therapy Services is excited to have worked on a project with Ablevision of Malden to create a television segment about music therapy. As their website says: Ablevision is a show produced entirely by people with disabilities. We are a group of video producers dedicated to educating and promoting awareness of the disabled community. […]

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Music was the third person in the room. When the contractions were the strongest, the music drew me in. When I felt respite, the music and toning gave me strength. When it came time to push, the music was the driving force. And when we held our child for the first time, we played his […]

Individual Music Therapy for Children

Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child’s potential for development.  -Clive Robbins Roman Music Therapy Services has a private music therapy center for individual and group music therapy sessions conveniently located at 333 North Avenue in Wakefield, Massachusetts. […]