Veterans and the Power of Music

by: Laetitia Brundage, MT-BC A Time to Reflect As we come closer to Memorial Day, I often think about those incredibly brave individuals who have lost their lives in order to help protect our freedom. They made the ultimate sacrifice to help us preserve the liberties we often take for granted. There are many men […]

Music Therapy and Military Populations

The History of Music Therapy in Military Populations The history of using music therapy to help post-combat veterans dates back to the days after World War I, when community musicians performed in military hospitals for wounded servicemen. Doctors and nurses noticed that their patients responded positively to the music. During the last years of World […]

The Virtues of Music Therapy and Finding Funding

Horace Mann Educational Associates, HMEA, in Franklin, MA supports children and adults with developmental disabilities to over 110 communities within Massachusetts, providing innovative services in school, at home, at work and in the community. Music therapy programs were included among the programs HMEA provided, and the programs had a great reception from the community. Unfortunately, when […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Music Therapy and how does it work? Is there a governing body or certification for Music Therapy? Where do the Music Therapy sessions take place? Does one-on-one music therapy offer the same socialization benefits as group therapy? Can Music Therapy be included on my child’s IEP? What is the role for music therapy […]


FamiliesCommunityBusinessesFamilies Communicating with young children before language skills are developed We use music to promote early childhood development and interaction through our signatureSprouting Melodies program as well as our work with daycare centers, early intervention and in individual therapy. (more) Music serves as a bridge to facilitate growth in school-age children From school-based activities during [...]

Music Therapy and Mental Health

Music therapy has been recognized and supported in the mental health field for many years. In the early history of music therapy, musicians worked with veterans from World War 2 playing songs in hospitals or rehabs. These musicians and surrounding staff saw noticeable changes in the veterans mood and affect. The field has grown largely since […]