Safe, Simple, Social and Sentimental

Magical Musical Moments for Seniors

Summer is settling in and many of us are ready to find ways to introduce normalcy back into our lives. Whether it is gathering outside safely with our friends or family, or visiting a favorite beach or park, we are taking small steps toward meeting each other again. Nice weather and the ability to socialize provide so many mental health benefits for those lucky enough to come out of the isolation COVID-19 has imposed on our country and the world. Finally, this harsh winter is starting to thaw!

Unfortunately, those communities that remain vulnerable to the devastating effects of COVID-19 must remain diligent in their protection from infection.  This means that many of us are missing the most treasured members of our family: our parents, grandparents, older aunts and uncles. If a loved one is in a care facility, those responsible for their safety continue to operate under tight restrictions, making even a visit almost impossible. Continued isolation and loneliness can lead to cognitive decline. For those of us who have older adults in our lives, choosing between what is best for them physically over what might be best for them mentally is hard and heartbreaking.

No matter what your age is, the need for human connections remains strong. Despite all of the barriers, we have been exploring ways to bring families and loved ones together through the sharing of music, memories and joy. Our virtual services can create a safe entrance into the rooms of our loved ones during these challenging times.

                Opening doors to new possibilities and potential, through active and engaged music making experiences.


Benefits of Online Music Experiences

Making and actively listening to music can break up a quiet day for older adults living at home or in an assisted living facility. These activities can also have very real mental and physical health benefits:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes memory recall
  • Decreases pain and discomfort
  • Elevates mood and emotional state
  • Increases creativity and self-expression

How Could I Be Involved

While making or listening to music alone also has benefits, the difference with music therapy is the personal connections forged and strengthened in sessions. Your presence and participation in virtual sessions with your elderly loved ones could provide opportunities for:

  • Connection and socialization
  • Reminiscing about meaningful songs and life events
  • Sharing in musical experiences through singing, playing, or simply listening and relaxing
  • Life review and sharing of family values and culture

Online musical connections facilitated by a music therapist can be simple, safe, social and sentimental!

  • Simple: An individual or facility would need a video compatible device (tablet, iPad, laptop) and an internet connection while we take care of the rest
  • Safe: Tablets and computers can be easily disinfected before and after sessions, making them accessible to a number of residents in one community
  • Social: With new cases of COVID being reported each day, seniors have little opportunity to engage safely with others, even their own families
  • Sentimental: Board Certified Music Therapists are specifically trained to foster connections through the very meaningful medium of music

Are you personally frustrated with brief, restrictive, outdoor visits?

Do you know someone missing a family member or friend?

Do you work in or with facilities that could take advantage of these services?

In an effort to reach and support the community, we are now offering a complimentary consultation call with one of our music therapists to discuss how music therapy can create new possibilities for connections with loved ones.

How can we be of service to YOU and those you love, or the families you work with? Let’s connect!

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