Approved Resources

The Search for Safe Content


It’s no doubt that the internet and digital technology have been utilized now more than ever as we all do more from home. Whether you are looking for entertainment, educational programs or skill development, a Google search or Facebook scan could send you down a rabbit hole of virtual offerings. Not to mention that vetting the long list of results takes up more time than any of us has right now.

Our music therapists have done the curating for you!

They have taken the various Aps and websites they already use with clients and searched out more relevant resources for our clients and constituents. These sheets are great resources for families, individuals and caretakers to reference when they are looking for safe and stimulating recreational and educational opportunities online. Many of the resources are free.

Our Approved Resource Sheets are broken out into age appropriate groups and by categories such as music, movement, connection, education, etc.

Here’s a sample of some of the suggestions you might find in these resources:






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