Employee Wellness

For many employees, the workplace is the primary community. Providing music therapy in the workplace can strengthen the commitment of your team, improve engagement and increase productivity.

Driving positive, dynamic work cultures

Employee Wellness

Today’s employees want to work for organizations that not only provide professional and personal development, but also foster a positive climate and a sense of community. Investing in employee health and wellness supports employees, improves company culture and distinguishes companies for their commitment to the health and well-being of their employees.

Wellness programs can include aspects relating to mental health and well-being as well as physical health. Not surprisingly, happy employees are more collaborative, motivated and productive. Lower rates of absenteeism and longer company tenure are additional benefits of healthier, happier employees.

In recent years, wellness programming has grown dramatically, encompassing areas such as personal development, team building and communication skills, that were once the domain of Human Resources. Stress reduction, burnout prevention and self-care to promote healthier habits are also key elements of today’s innovative wellness programs.

Benefits of Music Therapy for Wellness

Roman Music Therapy Services partners with companies, healthcare organizations, human services agencies and schools to provide relevant and inspiring wellness programming. With goal-driven and enriching programs, our Board-Certified Music Therapists use music as a platform to facilitate positive change. No musical background or skill is required for participants … we bring music-making instruments and lots of energy!

Consider a self-care program focused on building and maintaining healthy habits while caring for others. Wellness programs designed for medical professionals, nurses and physicians provide the following benefits …

  • Diminish caregiver compassion fatigue
  • Foster self-care, introspection and relaxation
  • Encourage balance and prevent burnout
  • Reduce stress through meditative reflection
  • Facilitate collaboration and teamwork
  • Enhance communication and employee engagement
  • Improve focus, clarity and attention to detail

Consider a self-care program focused on cultivating healthy habits while caring for others. Wellness programs focused on the needs of direct service providers and caregivers provide the following benefits …

  • Encourage balance and prevent burnout
  • Facilitate collaboration, communication and teamwork
  • Heighten creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Enhance communication and employee engagement
  • Foster self-care, introspection and relaxation
  • Reduce stress through meditative reflection
  • Lessen caregiver and compassion fatigue

Consider a drum circle to promote a product launch, celebrate following a successful review or unite as a team following an organizational realignment. Wellness programs focused on technology employees provide the following benefits …

  • Facilitate collaboration, communication and teamwork
  • Enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Improve focus, clarity and productivity
  • Encourage balance and prevent burnout
  • Reduce stress through meditative reflection
  • Boost employee morale and retention

Release, Refresh and Restore

Our employee wellness programs are designed to address current issues like compassion fatigue, employee burnout and erosion of workplace culture. In music therapy, music is used to facilitate communication, bringing participants together as part of a shared experience towards specific goals. Within wellness programming, such goals include stress reduction, team building and promotion of ongoing wellness, as well as many others.


Active musical experiences to release stress, build community and promote communication


Guided series for groups focused on employee engagement, retention and development


Monthly wellness programs for team building, stress management and burnout prevention

We are Problem Solvers … with Music Tools in our Pockets

When you work with us, here is what you can expect.

  • Energizing and uplifting experiences designed for your entire team
  • Professionally facilitated experiences with Board Certified Music Therapists
  • Targeted music strategies to meet your team’s needs
  • Live interactive music making for all participants
  • Physiological benefits of music engagement
  • Intentional music making to support shared goals and team building
  • Creative ways to reflect the culture in your organization
  • Psycho-Educational programs that build over multiple sessions
  • Professional development for staff members at various levels of the organization
  • Increased communication between employees, teams and departments
  • Investment in employee wellness and productivity
  • Enhanced mental and physical health of employees through regular, shared music experiences
  • Ongoing employee support
  • Scheduled time each month for staff to come together in team building experiences that reduce stress and build community
  • Sacred time built into your company’s calendar to promote balance and well-being
  • Enriching environment to support long-term retention
  • Recognition for the ongoing investment made in the well-being of your employees
  • Long-term relationship with a Music Therapist to support your organization

Release Package Options

Drum Circle+ – All hands on deck for rhythms on drums and percussion instruments
Sing It Out – Karaoke/Open Mic to promote team building and foster a spirit of celebration
Music and Imagery – Music listening experiences for relaxation and mindfulness
Facilitated Jam Sessions – Featuring your company’s “Rock Stars”

All Release Services are one-time events, 60-90 minutes long at your location or another community space.

Refresh Package Options

For those who want to explore how music can support their team and environment. This program enables teams to experience many different music interventions and choose the ones that work best for them. Experiences include songwriting, drumming, chanting and song circles, digital apps to support health and well-being, strategic music listening for wellness and productivity.

A series designed to bring relaxation, mindfulness and meditation to your team environment. Music sessions include a variety of strategies and techniques to support your team in live and recorded music experiences. Resources are shared to support staff with keeping the learning and practice going between sessions.

This workshop series looks at ways to enhance communication among team members using music strategies. Can be done within a department or across multiple teams in the organization to improve ongoing relationships and communication to enhance work environments and increase productivity.

Sharing in a variety of music experiences, this program will work with your employees to increase engagement and problem solving skills, while building relationships across the company.

All Refresh Packages are designed for 8-12 sessions with weekly or bi-weekly gatherings for team members at your office. Depending on the program selected, group members may be consistent each session or rotate through.

Restore Package Options

Regularly scheduled music experiences to support ongoing health and wellness through stress reduction and team building. Experiences can include drumming, open-sing programs, strategic music exploration and music for relaxation, depending on your group’s interests. These programs can be introduced with an information session and demonstration of various options to collect data on how staff would prefer to engage. Our team will build and adapt an ongoing program based on your employees’ feedback.

All Restore Packages are weekly or bi-weekly experiences with a commitment of 6 or 12 months to provide on-going support and consistency for your staff, and to build a supportive group community over time.


“To music is to take part, in any capacity, in a musical performance. That means not only to perform, but also to listen, to provide material for a performance — what we call composing — to prepare for a performance — what we call practicing or rehearsing — or any other activity which can affect the nature of the human encounter.”   – Christopher Small, Ethnomusicologist (1995)

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