Individual Music Therapy


Individual music therapy services for children and adults with special needs can be provided at our private music therapy center conveniently located at 333 North Avenue in Wakefield, MA, or in a client’s home or place of residence.

The music therapy center is an intimate and welcoming setting, created with the therapeutic process in mind, where clients can explore musically while being guided in their growth by the music therapist.

As a private pay service, goals are agreed upon by the parent or caregiver, the music therapist and the child or adult, if possible. Goals may be related to communication, expression, socialization or understanding.

Space is provided for parents or caregivers who wish to observe the sessions.

There are currently openings for weekday and Saturday sessions. To schedule an individual music therapy assessment or find out more about how individual music therapy would benefit you or someone you care for, call us at 781-224-3300 or contact us through our website.


Read more about music therapy for children and our services in the following pages and articles.


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