4 Thought Provoking Ways to Use Music

Lately I have been having all of these cool thoughts about how music can be used more effectively in our everyday lives. I decided to compile all of it into a convenient blog posting for you! Enjoy!


1. Turn on the Music at home.  Sometimes we get so busy and caught up in the things we have to do, we don’t even take a minute to walk over to the stereo and turn it on. Try it in the morning when you’re getting ready for your day or getting the kids off to school. Try it in the afternoon when you need to get yourself moving again in the office and you are trying to resist yet another cup of coffee! And at the end of the day, when you just want to put up your feet for 3 minutes, put on your favorite go-to song to help de-stress and relax your body.

2. Have a favorite song stuck in your head? Give it another few minutes of thought… Why is that song in your head at this moment? What are the lyrics? What is the theme or mood of the song? When is the last time you heard that song played? Taking a moment to discover why this song has presented itself is a wonderful opportunity for introspection.

3. Music for Childbirth – Music is an effective pain management tool for labor and delivery. It’s one of the areas in which I want to do a lot more work! I have consulted with expectant parents about what music to use in labor and delivery, how to choose the best songs for you and tips and tricks for using music in the hospital. If you are expecting a new little one, or know someone who is, think about how much can make labor and delivery an incredibly pleasant and joyful experience! People don’t believe me, but I love childbirth and it’s because of the great associations I have with the music I listened to for each labor.

4. Lolo iPod/iPhone apps – Do you ever get stuck on the treadmill or the elliptical struggling to get through a workout? I have discovered the coolest music and workout application. It uses an incredible beat-sync technology that takes your favorite tunes, analyzes the beats per minute in the song and then uses that at appropriate times in the work out to get your body moving! Lolo is so cool, it can even speed up and slow down your tunes to match the workout exactly, without losing the pitch of the songs. Intervals at the gym are finally enjoyable with your favorite tunes speeding up and slowing you down. This is an amazing use of music and technology to increase your physical activity.