That Post Karaoke Glow

When we plan events or programs, we always go into them hoping that the people who attend will have fun, receive some benefit and experience community. Anyone who has been to one of our live karaoke events knows they are lively! Our next karaoke was to be in May, honoring staff and caregivers, but then COVID-19 hit. Like the rest of the world, we adapted to this new normal. For us, that was transitioning to virtual music therapy sessions. As our staff and our clients grew more comfortable with the technology required, we revisited our karaoke event.

Karaoke Goes Virtual

Virtual Karaoke

Emily Hawley, Kim Schlesinger and AJ Gaudreau managed the virtual event on May 29th. Of her experience, Kim says “I was humbled to see people bravely share their favorite songs, rock out on some homemade instruments, show off their dance moves, and support one another. Throughout the evening, participants sent encouraging messages in the chat, unmuted their microphones to encourage performers, and applauded for everyone”.  At one point, 21 different accounts logged on through Zoom, participating in singing, cheering and grooving.

One attendee’s caregiver told us

The minute I mentioned Roman Music is having a Karaoke night J wanted to join in. He knew it would be on Zoom and I told him even if you wanted to just join in for an hour but he was on for the whole time and loved it. He posted pictures of himself on Facebook because he was so proud and had a great time. I’m grateful for these opportunities thru Music for J, especially at this time. It was a great night. 

Emily saw the event as a “beautiful display of community through music and shared experience”.  Thanking our caregivers remained the theme for the night and all participants joined together in creating a song to sing together. The night ended with the sharing of the completed, group song.