Our Brains are Plastic

Before exploring the learning that surrounds all that we do as providers of music therapy and music groups, it is crucial to understand one key premise – OUR BRAINS CHANGE. They keep changing even throughout adulthood.

The fact that our brains can grow in capacity is good news. It gives credence to many forms of therapy – including music therapy.

Believe it or not, it was thought in the not-so-distant past that the brains of adults do not change. Extensive research with the aid of new and fancy brain scanning methods has proved this assumption wrong. And with this improved perspective about brain possibilities for growth, we can turn to a hopeful search for practices, therapies, behavior, etc. that can help that growth along.

The term used in the world of research, amongst neuroscientists, and more and more in the mainstream is “NEUROPLASTICITY”.

For a basic look at what neuroplasticity is, we offer this brief video. Enjoy and tune in soon for a recent study about neuroplasticity and music therapy.