Sprouting Melodies FAQs


What is Sprouting Melodies?

Sprouting Melodies® is an award-winning early childhood music program developed for the purpose of stimulating development through music in children 0-5. Replicable by its provider training and business development components, it is spreading along New England and to the United States at large. It has proven it’s viability by the 100’s of thriving families that have been impacted by this program one or more children.

What makes Sprouting Melodies unique?

Sprouting Melodies® is unique in approach, attitude and qualification of Providers.

  • “The focus of Sprouting Melodies® is to provide families with an opportunity for overall growth and development through music experiences.
  • The Sprouting Melodies® attitude is one of support and community in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • The Providers [instructors] are all Board Certified Music Therapists with additional early childhood training. Their professional qualifications and expertise are a key ingredient to their success in each Sprouting Melodies® class.”  And with such understanding and experience comes a flexibility, calm, and authority that set children and caregivers at ease enough to engage fully.
  • The providers are equipped by their training and expertise to create and lead musical “adventures” that meet your child’s needs and move the group forward developmentally on a weekly basis. They also have the clinical training and judgment enough to modify classes to meet your child’s needs. They are a wellspring of knowledge and insight about what will help your child thrive.
  • Classes flex with the needs of the students and caregivers.  Because there are no cookie-cutter kids, Sprouting Melodies are Not cookie cutter. Each music therapist provider decides which songs and activities are most likely to resonate with the children in their classes. They quickly discover what works best to motivate each child and the group.
  • Classes are age-specific, adaptive to needs, and inclusive. They are specially designed to meet the needs of babies and toddlers as they grow. For example, six month old babies have unique developmental needs, different responses to music, and different relationships with their parents or caregivers than two-year old toddlers. We’re very aware of specific age differences, so at Sprouting Melodies your child will receive age-appropriate activities in a small group setting with children of his or her own developmental stage. In our classes, no one is ever bored or left out! We always focus on age- and stage-appropriate fun, music and learning.

Can I enroll my child in the middle of a running session or do I have to wait until the next session begins?

You are welcome to enroll your child midway or at the end of any session as long as there is space. We will prorate the fee so you only pay for the remaining classes.

How many children in a Sprouting Melodies class?

The classes are small – maximum 12 students. Children receive age-appropriate attention and interaction needed to develop properly.

I don’t live close to Wakefield, are there Sprouting Melodies class providers elsewhere?

The Sprouting Melodies program is gaining traction. To find a list of Sprouting Melodies providers, you can check out the Sprouting Melodies site, where you will also discover more information and history of this award-winning program.

What is the caregiver’s role in the Sprouting Melodies class?

Caregivers can bring those songs home and develop the music making at home.

What happens in a Sprouting Melodies class?

For each class, we provide a structured routine of music activities (instrument play, movement, and singing) that address the development areas of young ones’ lives. As a parent or caregiver, you will participate with your children in each session.

Can I try out a class before I enroll my child?

We offer a test drive option for any new families curious about how their child will respond. You can call or signup online for a “test drive.” No payment required if you opt not to enroll. But of course, we think you’ll be hooked once you have been through one class.

What happens if I have to miss a class? Can I make it up another time?

Enrolled and registered families can schedule a makeup as long as they are actively enrolled. There are typically at least two or three class options for each age group.

Can I bring another adult to the class – like a grandparent or aunt?

We celebrate inclusion of family members in this process of music making. Our only parameter to bringing a grandparent or other adult is the size of the class. We suggest two adults per child to keep the number of people in a class manageable.

Do you offer a sliding scale or a payment plan if I cannot pay the fee at once?

We offer a variety of discounts as well as scholarships. For more information about scholarships, contact our office by email or phone.

Can I make up classes after the session is over?

We offer makeups to actively enrolled families.

Can I bring my older child to a Sprouting Melodies class?

If your older child is off from school and you need to bring them to a Sprouting Melodies class, feel free to bring them along.

How does the Repetition Reaps Reward (RRR) work?

The RRR is our way of emphasizing the importance of repetition as a real secret to learning. It is also our way of thanking all of the loyal families who continue to participate in Sprouting Melodies with their children.

For every full session that you register for, you will receive a stamp on your Repetition Reaps Rewards Card. (Prorated Sessions will not count towards your 5 classes.)
After five full sessions, you will receive 50% Off your 6th class!

  • Repetition Reaps Rewards cards are for each individual child and stamps can not be combined within your family.
  • Stamps can be earned within any Sprouting Melodies class and can be redeemed throughout the year.

We are so excited to offer this opportunity to both thank you, the parents, and to support your children in their overall early childhood development!

Can I ask another family member to bring my child?

You are more than welcome to invite other family members to attend with your child. You can update your account to add other adults to your account or contact our office.

What forms of payment can I use to pay for a Sprouting Melodies class?

Through our online payment system, we accept Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX. You can also pay by check. Begin the enrollment process and select “check” as mode of payment. Next time you come for class, we’ll process your check/payment.