Afterschool Music Therapy Groups

Music can improve skills, support social development and build bonds within peer groups. We offer music-making group interactions for school age children at our center and through community partnerships.

At Roman Music Therapy Services

The Music Therapy Young Adult Group is a weekly hybrid program for individuals in their teens and early twenties with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.

This group uses movement, music, group instrument play, and collaborative songwriting to foster leadership skills, socialize, process emotions, and form peer relationships.

Roman Music Therapy Services offers demos for those interested in registering! These free test drives provide the opportunity for your loved one to get a look at our group before enrolling.

To schedule a demo or to register for the group, please contact our office, 781-224-3300.

Music Therapy Youth Group (ages 6-12).  This group is a unique musical place where children with disabilities can join us for music making and meeting new friends. Music experiences in this group are designed to support carious communication methods, encourage social engagement, and foster creativity and imagination using instruments and songs. Children in this group will have opportunities for personal empowerment and socialization in a fun and engaging group setting. All children with various communication methods seeking peer to peer interactions are welcome to attend.

This group is currently on pause. Please give us a call if you are interested in joining the group, 781-224-3300.