Afterschool Music Therapy Groups

Music can improve skills, support social development and build bonds within peer groups. We offer music-making group interactions for school age children at our center and through community partnerships.

At Roman Music Therapy Services

Music Therapy Club (for ages 3-7) is a unique musical place where children can join us for music making and meeting new friends. Music experiences in this group are designed to support various communication methods, encourage social engagement, foster creativity and imagination, and develop peer to peer interactions using instruments and songs. Children in this group expand their leadership skills and increase their ability to engage in collaborative groups. Children of all abilities with various communication methods looking for peer to peer interactions are welcome to attend.

These Guys Can Jam! is specially designed for teenage boys (age 12-16) with ASD, focusing on shared music making, increasing communication and self-expression. Group members have an opportunity to explore their own identity while making new friends and learning new skills.

Please register for these groups by calling our office, 781-224-3300.