In Service of Learning

Roman Music Therapy Services, LLC is all about using music to enable growth and development for families, communities and businesses.

“We use music to transform lives, working through challenges in communication, processing or socialization. With music as a bridge, we uncover an individual’s promise. In music-making we create new connections, facilitate meaningful engagement, and provide opportunities for growth.”

All this is really about learning. As researchers who explore the power and process of music can affirm, music making and instruction in various forms can be a catalyst for learning in adults and children.

During November, we will explore the learning process as it pertains to the work we do here at Roman Music Therapy Services. This we hope will shed light for you about what learning takes place during a session or group and how what you and what we do can influence the extent and quality of that learning.

We will be posting, tweeting, and sharing nuggets, research, observations, and suggestions along this theme of learning throughout November.

Please stay tuned
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And… if you have a question about learning, do ask here.