Guitar Origins

In honor of “International Guitar Month”, consider the evolution of the acoustic guitar.

You know it’s an important part of the work we do. Our music therapists are trained to play it. It is their main instrument in some cases. You know how it helps the Sprouting Melodies Classes come alive. It works really well in groups–to spur on the singing. It is used in folk, classical, blues, jazz, rock, Flamenco genres etc. But where does it come from? How did it evolve to become the instrument we have today?

According to archaeologists, the evolution of the guitar can be traced back 4000 years. The closest historical ancestor is the Tanbur, “a long-necked stringed instrument with a small egg- or pear-shaped body, with an arched or round back, usually with a soundboard of wood or hide, and a long, straight neck.”

For a summary of this history we offer three versions of the story.

1. A fun Smule-sponsored Speed Draw Version of the Guitar’s History

2. History of the Acoustic Guitar video, by Shane Donnelly.

3. Brief History of the Guitar, by Paul Guy.