Group Music Therapy for Individuals

Roman Music Therapy Services offers individual and group music therapy services directly to families as well as through community partners and organizations. We offer a wide variety of group music therapy programs designed to meet the specialized needs associated with each group. While many of our music therapy groups are listed below, new offerings are frequently in development, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  

Groups for Young Children

Music therapy groups can promote communication with young children before language skills are developed. Our signature Sprouting Melodies program was developed for all young children up to five years of age. If your child is experiencing delays or receiving early intervention services, these inclusive music classes can offer supplementary support. Age-specific classes for infants, toddlers and preschool age children use music to encourage growth and development on many levels. The multi-week sessions are available in our music therapy center in Wakefield, MA or through community partnerships during the week and on Saturdays.

Additionally, targeted for children 3-7 years old with special needs, our music therapy club offers a supportive music making environment that facilitates engagement, joy and success for all. This program is specifically designed for children who need music experiences that take full advantage of their individual strengths while minimizing the impact of difficulties.

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Groups for Individuals With Special Needs

We offer a wide variety of music therapy groups based on age and needs. Please contact us  and we’ll help you find the right group to meet your needs.

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Our goal-driven music therapy groups for school-age children provide interactive and positive opportunities for social engagement with others. Creative programming options, including musical productions and age-specific music therapy clubs provide participants with opportunities to successfully take part in a purposeful group activity. Offered after school and on weekends through our community partners, these multi-week programs are fun and motivating music experiences for children.

While the behaviors and needs of teenagers may be unpredictable from day to day, their connection with music is consistent and undeniable. We capitalize on this connection in our music therapy groups for teens with special needs. Within a haven for exploring potential, participants improve social and communications skills with a variety of developmentally and age-appropriate therapeutic music activities, including specialized teens’ music therapy club. These music therapy programs take place at our Wakefield music therapy center and other locations through our community partners.

Group participants are encouraged to develop and practice positive social interactions through shared musical experiences such as drumming, DJing, lyric analysis, songwriting, music technology and active music listening. Specialized, age-appropriate programs focused on growing social skills are available for teens and young adults with advanced verbal skills, teen boys with autism and teens with ADHD or on the Autism spectrum.

Through group music therapy, adults with unique needs can explore musically in a supportive and therapeutic environment. The music and the music therapist provide a purposeful social experience for participants to explore their potential, strengths and needs. Through structured music making, improvisation, songwriting, or lyric analysis, a musical journey begins that can lead to increased self-confidence, improved self-expression and satisfying relationships with others. Group music therapy programs are offered in a wide variety of settings including private day programs and residential care facilities.

Project Harmony offers a series of community-based music-making group experiences to help adults with special needs realize their potential and experience the power of community,

For children and young adults with limited or emerging verbal ability, we also offer music therapy groups focused on development of language and communication skills. In these sessions, music takes the place of language, enabling development of both verbal and non-verbal interactions. The music making is a group activity, offering opportunities for growth resulting from successful participation as a member of a team and the intrinsic reward of making music with others.

Group music-making opportunities are also available for children, teens and young adults with physical disabilities. In these sessions, group members are encouraged to communicate and participate using multi-sensory systems that work best for them, including switches, eye gaze and touch. Through a therapeutic group activity supported by the Music Therapist, participants develop in their ability to make choices, engage in supported instrument play, vocalize in response to music and gain increased awareness of self and others. Please bring any adaptive communication devices used by your child or teen.

Technology can serve as a vehicle for interaction and is particularly appealing to teens and young adults. The innovative use of technology within a clinical setting provides opportunities for both goal-driven and improvisational interactions. In technology-focused music therapy groups, participants develop social skills through an immersive experience using all of the potential of electronic music devices and digital apps.

Groups for Seniors

The socialization provided through group music therapy creates meaningful connections, enhancing quality of life and facilitating rehabilitation in older adults. Our music therapists skillfully adapt the music experiences to help all group members participate to their greatest potential. Seniors benefit from the purposeful experience, movement and interaction with others.

Group music therapy sessions take place through our community partnerships at local senior centers, as well as within independent or assisted living communities. In senior day programs or within residential settings, the shared experience reduces isolation, encourages socialization and improves communication and expression for seniors.

Music therapy can create clarity, enable verbal and nonverbal communication and improve memory recall in seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  

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Health-Related and Bereavement Support Groups

Music therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment option for patients experiencing both acute and chronic pain related to a variety of diagnoses. Additionally, music therapy can help to reduce stress and anxiety for the patient, resulting in positive physiological changes. The socialization offered through group music therapy reduces the isolation and stress of hospitalization or rehab stays, improving emotional well-being. Whether the focus is recovery, stabilization following an injury or event, or long-term care, we work within a variety of residential and institutional care facilities to provide support, comfort and socialization through music therapy groups.

Bereavement group music therapy provides participants an opportunity to express emotions,  process grief and gain comfort through the shared experience. Offered through community partners at locations within the community. 

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