Early Childhood Mental Health: A Growing Concern

Early childhood mental health is a growing concern.

Often mimagesproutingmelodiesisunderstood, Early childhood mental health is also overlooked or underestimated. Research shows that exposure to ongoing toxic stress in early childhood can have significant impacts on development early in life, and may lead to long term consequences in education, health and financial prosperity.

The development of an individual’s mental health is influenced by genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

Research has shown that the following indicators promote sound mental health in young children:

  • Universal access- Supporting all children and families in healthy social and emotional development.
  • Family and community- Integrating development supports for children within their environment
  • Parent-child bonding- Promoting positive and healthy attachments between children and adults
  • Skill development- Increasing executive functioning skills and resilience in young children

Our award winning program, Sprouting Melodies, provides opportunities for parents and children to connect through music, reinforcing attachment, bonding and executive functioning skills. Music tools provided to parents cost nothing, can be called into service at any time, and can grow with the child.


sproutingMelodiesLogo300We welcome new community partners and funding opportunities to support our families with young children who are at risk for mental health issues. If you are interested in supporting us with a programming or funding initiative, please contact our office at 781-665-0700 or info@romanmusictherapy.com.