Providing the Beat at the Provider’s Council Expo

Cultivating connections

Providers CouncilAs our organization has grown over the last 9 years, we have met wonderful people and had the opportunity to work with fabulous organizations along the way. This past year, through the LEND Fellowship, our professional network continued to grow. Through the process, we were introduced to The Provider’s Council. With member organizations throughout the state, The Provider’s Council is the largest association of community-based human service providers in Massachusetts. Earlier this year, we made the commitment to join over 220 other provider agencies also committed to high quality, accessible, community-based services that meet the needs of clients and customers as a member of this unique organization.
One of the many benefits of membership will be advancing public policy changes that support individuals with disabilities and their families. Another is the ongoing training and professional development that our staff will be able to take advantage of. We are particularly thrilled to join with many of our contracting partners to advocate on behalf of our clients and their families through this network.

Drumming up new techniques to combat stress.

Drum CircleThe first professional development opportunity is fast approaching! On October 19th, the annual Provider’s Council Convention and Expo will be held in Boston. We are thrilled to not only attend for the first time, but also to exhibit and present! This year, Laura Micheli and I will be presenting in the afternoon on therapeutic effects of drumming as part of their self-care track. This is a great workshop for health care professionals seeking strategies to combat stress and burnout which will center on experiencing Drum Circle Plus(TM), our unique approach to group drumming. This drum circle is sure to bring some rhythm and energy to the participants, and fill the halls with the sounds of our self-expression and community building. We are really looking forward to it!
If you are interested in learning more about the Provider’s Council or attending the convention, check out