Music Therapy for School Districts

Music can serve as a bridge enabling children who may not otherwise successfully progress in school — creating new connections, providing successful interactions, and offering meaningful opportunities for growth. Much like speech or language therapy, music therapy can be included as a related service within an IEP for school age children.

Individual Music Therapy

For some children, a one-on-one approach is most effective. We offer individual music therapy as a direct service and in a consultative model.  Learn More

Group Music Therapy

Many schools choose to incorporate music therapy into their school programming as programmatic  enhancement or offer am afterschool program through the district office or a SEPAC organization.  Learn More

The Benefits of Music Therapy

  • Improving Communication and Expression. Students in our music therapy sessions learn new and creative ways to express themselves through instrument play, songwriting, and talking about music.
  • Group Cooperation and Teamwork. Music Therapy sessions provide great opportunities for students to practice group social skills in a fun and rewarding way.
  • Independent Participation. Students participate in our sessions because they want to! We use the music to engage and motivate the class to want participate. You’d be amazed at what music can motivate us to do.
  • Everyone plays, Everyone wins! Music is something that everyone can participate in and our music therapists are great at adapting music experiences so that everyone is successful!

School Related Services Offerings

  • Individual Music Therapy as a Related Service
  • Integrated Preschool Programs
  • ABA Based Programs
  • Alternative School Programs
  • Students with Moderate to Intensive Special Needs
  • Transition Services for Students 18-22
  • Behavioral and Emotional Support Classes
  • School Teacher Consultations

School Partners, Current and Former

Public School Districts:

  • Amesbury Public Schools
  • Andover Public Schools
  • Boston Public Schools
  • Cambridge Public Schools
  • CASE Collaborative
  • Easton Public Schools
  • Fall River Public Schools
  • Greater Lawrence Education Collaborative
  • LABBB Collaborative
  • Lawrence Public Schools
  • Lexington Public Schools
  • Lynn Public Schools
  • Lynnfield Public Schools
  • Malden Public Schools
  • Melrose Public Schools
  • Needham Public Schools
  • North Shore Education Consortium
  • Norton Public Schools
  • Stoneham Public Schools
  • Swampscott Public Schools
  • Triton Regional School District
  • Wakefield Public Schools

Private Schools

  • Beverly School for the Deaf, Beverly, MA
  • Brandon School, Natick, MA
  • Cotting School, Lexington, MA
  • Crossroads School for Children, Natick, MA
  • Manville School, Roxbury, MA
  • New England Center for Children, Southborough, MA
  • Professional Center for Child Development, Andover, MA
  • RCS Learning Center, Natick, MA


Printable Fact Sheets:
US Dept of Education Clarifying Music Therapy as a Related Service

American Music Therapy Association Printable Fact Sheets:
Music Therapy and Special Education
Music Therapy ad Music Education
Music Therapy and Autism Info Sheet