Sprouting Melodies Family Spotlight

Balancing Family with Work is a family timeChallenge for Many Families

Sprouting Melodies is thrilled to feature one of our very own moms Christy Dole who has been growing an at-home business while raising her beautiful daughter. Read her story…

“I have been enjoying the time I get to spend with Sienna at Sprouting Melodies. I’m so thankful to have started my own business with Rodan +Fields, the doctors that created Proactiv and now the fastest growing premium skincare brand. Before I started my business, extra classes like Sprouting Melodies weren’t an option.

I am a former recruiter of 10 years. I loved working with professionals helping them find their perfect and sometimes dream job! While I loved aspects of that career, the 9-5 lifestyle was not for me. I didn’t enjoy 2 weeks vacations a year, working for the weekend or having moody managers. And I always knew when I had children, I wanted to be home. I was introduced to Rodan + Fields through my husband’s colleague and once I learned I could be home with my soon to be daughter and earn an income I dove in!

In 1 year with Rodan+Fields, working part time hours around my daughters schedule I just about matched my 60 hour a week salary. I help people feel confident about their skin with osproutingMelodiesLogo300ur clinically proven products that address sensitive skin, sun damage, melasma, hormonal acne and anti aging or their money back. At the same time I help women and a few good men all over the country to start their very own businesses with the most famous dermatologists in the world to help reach their life goals!

First and foremost, I am home with my daughter, but not only am I able to contribute to my families bottom line, I am able to enjoy being a mother and all the fun activities that can come with it, like attending Sprouting Melodies since Sienna was 6 months old. The bonding and fun we have together is something that can’t be replaced and for that I thank my Rodan + Fields business!”

Christy has offered a free skin care consultation and free samples of top products to the families in our Roman Music Therapy Services community. She is also interested in talking with anyone who might be interested in learning more about the business opportunities of working with Rodan + Fields. She can be contacted directly at christy.dole@gmail.com or 602-451-5318