Amadee Castenell III, MT-BC

Board Certified Music Therapist

Amadee is a recent graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. He discovered his calling in high school when he learned of music therapy as a career, which combined his love of music, his interest in psychology and his desire to help people.

While Amadee has experience working with many different populations, his real passion lies in hospice work. Following in the footsteps of family who work in the hospice field, Amadee hopes to one day teach and/or advocate for music therapy in hospice settings nationwide.

Amadee is excited to begin his career in music therapy at Roman Music Therapy Services!  Proficient in a number of instruments, Amadee often tries to incorporate the use of woodwinds in his sessions when appropriate, so you may see him with a saxophone or a clarinet.

Outside of work Amadee enjoys yoga, playing soccer, teaching private music lessons and competitive gaming. He also likes to support many causes and participates in walks, races and talent shows to raise money for those dear to him.

Amadee also loves animals, and his family boasts nine pets in total – ranging from chinchillas and rabbits to dogs and cats!