Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Expectant MothersMusic Therapy Assisted Childbirth helps a woman and her support person as she prepares for labor by using music as a tool to help manage pain. Through pre-natal appointments with a Board Certified Music Therapist, the expectant mother will determine music preferences for labor and delivery and be instructed in music based relaxation and pain management techniques. With an individually designed music program, the expectant mother will practice relaxation and pain management techniques using the music as a focal point and as a breathing cue.

Workshops and individual/couple consulations are now being scheduled in the Roman Music Therapy Services office in Wakefield, Mass.

For more information on Music Therapy-Assisted Childbirth in the Greater Boston area or to find out about upcoming workshops, please call Meredith R. Pizzi, MT-BC at 781-224-3300 or contact us here.


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