Presentations & Workshops

Our Board Certified Music Therapists are available to provide presentations, training and workshops throughout New England and across the United States. A diverse group of audiences including businesses, educators, librarians, parents, music therapists and music therapy students have benefited from participating in past events.


Do you participate in or manage a support group or parent organization? Are you in a HR or Benefits role within a company or agency? Do you work in an educational setting with individuals with special needs, a supportive environment for hospice or bereavement, or at the college level with students majoring in Music Therapy, entrepreneurial studies or the Arts?

Our music therapists can come to your site with an informative presentation on a variety of topics relating to music therapy. Recent presentations have varied from a review of music therapy benefits for teens in foster care to presentations to Early Intervention professionals and parents showing the benefits of music therapy for young children with exceptional needs. We have expanded our music therapy services both for individuals approaching end of life and for their family members to address feelings of grief of loss. Goals for patients in hospice are designed to be supportive and therapeutic to help meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Lectures in college and university settings are also provided for music therapy students, all arts students, and students in entrepreneurial studies.

Today’s ever-connected world can create high stress for employees. Maintain productivity and retain employees with unique employee benefits. Including music within your work environment reduces stress and enhances productivity. Invite us to your workplace to share the benefits of music therapy with your employees.

After I heard Meredith Pizzi of Roman Music Therapy present her workshop on “The Music In Me” at the 2013 MEIC conference, I thought she would be the perfect presenter for my program’s annual staff retreat. I had long wanted to encourage staff (not just music therapists) to use more music in their work with the children and families.

When Meredith did her workshop for my staff of 40 therapists, teachers and teaching assistants, their response was exactly what I had hoped for. After some initial skepticism, they quickly warmed up due to Meredith’s skill and enthusiasm for her topic. She soon had them all singing along and marching about the room banging on drums and shaking their maracas.

The real proof of her success however, came during the week after the workshop (which was on Monday). On Tuesday and Wed. a number of staff told me they had sung their way through home visits, and the parents really loved doing this with their children. Teachers in our toddler groups were looking for their handouts so they could remember the songs they had learned to use in the groups. The best though was on Friday noon, when from my office I could hear a group of staff at the lunch table singing together “Head, hands, knees and feet” – a song Meredith had taught us that on Monday. Spontaneous song at the lunch table was a first for us – and real proof that they had internalized Meredith’s message!

She is a terrific presenter who is able to combine theoretical knowledge with actual practice in singing and rhythm in a way that make our staff feel eager to go out and apply what they have learned.

Candace Chang, LICSW – Director of Bay Cove Early Intervention

Workshops or Staff Professional Development

Are you seeking a way to bring your team together, or to facilitate communication between work groups? We can design an engaging, interactive workshop that will meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s a couple of hours as part of a broader team-building event, leading a full day staff in-service training or anything in between, our Board Certified Music Therapists can design an innovative workshop that will have your team collaborating and cooperating. (And yes, you’re likely to hear humming in halls afterwards …) Contact us to discuss your needs.

Professional Music Therapy Business Owner Coaching

Are you a new music therapist starting your own private practice? Taking the plunge to open a clinical space? Developing new contracts? Hiring staff or building your team?

Get inspired! As a pioneer in business development and creation of music therapy programs including our signature early childhood program Sprouting Melodies, Meredith Pizzi provides professional coaching for music therapy business owners in private practice. Learn from a fellow music therapist and Music Therapy Business Owner who understands your growing pains and who has increased her business nearly 600% over only five years.

Choose from several individual or group coaching packages to help you grow your music therapy business in the direction you envision. Let’s talk.