Adults with Special Needs

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Music is the universal language of mankind. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We all seek meaningful relationships and opportunities for growth and progress in our lives. Adults with developmental disabilities or mental health concerns also desire and deserve a chance to express themselves and be heard and understood.

Through therapeutic music making, adults with unique needs can explore musically in a safe and therapeutic environment. In both individual and group music therapy for adults, the music and the music therapist create a safe space for exploring one’s potential, strengths and needs. Through structured music making, improvisation, songwriting, or lyric analysis, a musical journey begins that can lead to increased self-confidence, improved leisure skills and satisfying relationships with others.

Helping adults with special needs realize their potential and experience the power of community

Project Harmony is a menu of services designed to help adults with special needs experience the joy of making music in the community. Through weekly programming open to all, as well as scheduled special events like karaoke nights and drum circles, we hope to use music as a bridge and build connections.

For more information about how our music therapists can meet the needs of your family member or organization, please contact us.


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