Gather Round CD

Gather Round Music CDOur music therapy team is thrilled to share this music with you!

For years, these songs have been shared and enjoyed by families in our Sprouting Melodies groups and in our afterschool music therapy groups for students with special needs.

And finally, after many, many requests for us to record a full length CD, it is here for everyone to enjoy!

With this clean, crisp recording, you will be able to make songs like, Hello Everybody, Gather Round, and Sit with Me and Shake part of your family’s daily routine. These songs are all composed and performed by Board Certified Music Therapists to support your child’s growth and development. You and your children can sing along and join in the music making on each song!

By playing and singing these songs frequently at home, you will see your child addressing greetings and goodbyes, transitions in activities, gross motor movement and regulation, following directions, and replying to simple questions. You will also be able to take these songs and adapt them to many parts of your day, from waking up in the morning, to mealtimes, play time and bedtime, these songs will become helpful tools as your child transitions through the day.

Want to get your hands on your own copy of our CD, Gather Round?

We have two options for you to buy our new CD. If you are local to the Greater Boston area, you are invited to order your CD online and come in to pick it up at our Music Therapy Center in Wakefield, MA. You can then come in Monday-Friday from 8am – 4pm during our regular business hours to pick up your CD and also check out the other music instruments, songbooks,and resources that we have in our Gift Boutique.

If you’re not local to Boston, or would just prefer for us to ship the CD to your home, please select Buy Now with Shipping and we will be happy to mail your CD out to you right away and you won’t even have to leave your home.

Either way, we hope you will have your own copy in your hands soon! And while you’re at it, grab an extra copy for a friend. You can never have too many great CD’s at home, especially when it will give you tools for parenting and support your child’s development.


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More About Using the CD

We are delighted to have you join our community of families committed to offering their children high quality music experiences and supporting them in their overall growth and development. The parents, grandparents and caregivers who have been attending our groups and programs over the years already know that music provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning, but they also know how carefully crafted music can spark a child’s growth as they move through developmental stages. Gather Round is all about supporting that growth as children discover themselves and the world around them.

This website is here to support you as you use these songs as tools. Remember, these are not just songs! They are tools that can be used to support your child’s development, assist with challenging daily transitions, and increase the playfulness and bonding that happens within families each and every day. So as you listen to the songs on the CD, think of times in your day that these songs might come in handy, and check back to this page to see the ideas that the music therapists and parents offer.

A few of the songs included on the CD:

We’re Playing in a Band” written by Laura Micheli – This is a great song to play and move with your children. You can explore instruments or just dance to the song. Feel free to learn the song and change the lyrics to fit what ever moves or sounds you and your child are doing. It’s so much fun!

Show Me How You Can Move” written by Laura Micheli – This is a great song to explore different body movements with your child. I wrote this song to fit the moves of any child. What ever the move is you can easily add it to the song. Have fun with it!

Tap Tap Tap” written by Laura Micheli – This song was written for rhythm sticks, but can be played with any instrument or clapping/patting/stamping/etc. The whole idea is to play the rhythm of the song together. It’s a really easy song to learn and play with your children. Have fun!

We Can Play” written by Kristina Barbo – Have fun exploring different instruments and ways to play them with this song! Play with your little one and encourage them to follow the directions to play up high, down low, quietly, and loudly!