Asian Dreamland


Asian Dreamland
By Putumayo Kids


Asian Dreamland
By Putumayo Kids

Asia is the world’s largest continent and is home to many different cultures and traditions. But no matter what the country or language, parents all across the continent must find ways to get their children to sleep each night. Asian Dreamland, offers soothing and musically intriguing songs from countries as diverse as Japan, China, India and even the Siberian republic of Tatarstan. This harmonious collection of tranquil songs is perfect for yoga and meditation as well as putting the little ones to sleep.

Asian Dreamland follows gently in the footsteps of Dreamland, Putumayo Kids’ first lullaby collection and one of the best-selling children’s and family CDs from the label. Together, these CDs launch a new Dreamland series featuring international music to relax listeners of all ages.


  1. Shang Shang Typhoon – Moon Boat (Japan)
  2. Emme – Dokokade Yoruga Naita (Japan)
  3. Yoshida Brothers – Kokoro Ni Dakarete (Japan)
  4. Zulya – Cradle Song (Russia)
  5. Aiko Shimada and Elisabeth Falconer – Aka Tonbo (Japan)
  6. Takashi Hirayasu with Chuei Yoshikawa – Asadoya Yunta (Japan)
  7. Kelsang Chukie Tethong – Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Hum (Tibet)
  8. Ali Akbar Khan – Lullaby (India)
  9. Lei Qiang – Lullaby (China)
  10. Rikki – Amami No Komori Uta (Japan)