MTBO Mastermind

Music Therapy Business Owners

  • Do you have a music therapy practice that excites you and inspires you every single day? Does it also sometimes frighten you?
  • Do you want to get a handle on your business so that it creates the perfect work-life “fit” for you?
  • Do you want to choose the direction of your business and see that it goes in the direction you choose, rather than having your dream of self-employment become nothing more than a day (and night!) job?

“After building 3 music therapy businesses and having hit the ground running more than once, I know how you feel! I also know that you hold the key to your business dreams and successes! You just need time, space, support and a little bit of guidance to find them. So come join me and let’s dig in.”

For the music therapy business owner who wants to get to the next level of excellence in music therapy and business building, I offer:

  • workshops
  • retreats (registration for the MTBO Mastermind Retreat 2.0 scheduled for July 17-20, 2015 is closed).
  • coaching
  • network of like-minded MTBOs

To get started or to inquire about coming opportunities, email help @ romanmusictherapy . org or call 781-224-3300.


Meredith Pizzi

Meredith Roman Pizzi, MT-BC is Owner and Executive Director of Roman Music Therapy Services, LLC, a vibrant community music therapy agency which focuses on serving children and adults throughout Massachusetts. She is also the Co-Founder of Raising Harmony: Music Therapy for Young Children and the creator of Sprouting Melodies. Her primary work in music therapy includes working with young children with and without disabilities, individuals of all ages with a variety of developmental disabilities. In recent years, she has contributed to the American Music Therapy Association with a podcast, institute presentations and CMTE’s on music therapy business topics. In 2011, Meredith was a winner in the Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition, and has been nominated for the Micro Enterprise Award and the Women Owned Business Award with the Small Business Administration of Massachusetts. In 2012, her music therapy-based early childhood program, Sprouting Melodies®, was voted Best of the Best Kids Classes in the Boston Parents’ Paper Magazine. Meredith is a thought leader who shares her vision, experience, and skill locally, nationally, and internationally. She facilitates retreats and workshops, speaks at conferences, leads supervision groups, provides coaching to music therapy business owners, and regularly shares her “thoughts for cutting edge businesses owners, with a special focus on Music Therapists” on Linkedin.