Want to learn more about Music Therapy as a Career?

Career Exploration

High school students and musicians from various backgrounds are invited to see Music Therapy in practice and explore the clinical application of music interventions.  Session observations are a great way to see how a typical group experience is conducted and the impact of Music Therapy with participants.  This includes an opportunity to speak with a Music Therapist about pursuing Music Therapy as a career.


We welcome volunteers at Roman Music Therapy Services.  Volunteers provide much needed, additional support both at our events as well as with specific ongoing program support.  Due to the nature of our work with clients, a volunteer for an ongoing program must commit to three months of volunteer support.  The Operations Manager will work with you to match your interests to the needs of Roman Music Therapy Services ongoing programing.  Please note that a volunteer will not have the opportunity to lead a session but support the work of the Music Therapist and clients.

Practicum Students

Roman Music Therapy Services is dedicated to the education and development of music therapy students and embrace the opportunity to host Practicum Students in partnership with your accredited college or university.  Practicum students must commit to one-semester of support and attend 1-2 clinical sessions per week.


We are thrilled to announce that Roman Music Therapy Services is preparing to become an AMTA National Roster Internship Site.  Internships require an eight-month, full-time commitment that will expose you to the various populations that we serve.  You must be a currently enrolled in a Music Therapy program with an accredited college or university and eligible to apply for an internship.

To be considered for an internship, you must submit an application for consideration.  The complete application will be available online shortly.  The application process will require two essays and a letter of recommendation.

The process for the selection of interns includes:

  • Initial Screening with Internship Director
  • One Day of Observations
  • Small Team Interview
  • Executive Team Interview
  • Final Interview with Internship Director

Completed applications may be submitted, in pdf format, to:  To learn more, please see our Internship FAQs.  For a more detailed description of the process and expectations, please read about our program here.


Due to the professional nature of our work, all guests, volunteers, and students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a Confidentiality Agreement
  • Professional dress and demeanor
  • Provide your own transportation to assigned sessions
  • Able to arrive in advance to sessions for preparation and stay through session follow up


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